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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Welcome to Politics: Helmet and Shoulder Pads Required

This is a response to a comment from Patricia. Felt like it should be more of a main post. It helps to read the whole dialogue to get up to speed, but isn't necessary:

"I guess with that having been spoken, we of the Left and Liberal should just quietly then submit to what it has become or leave.. because evidently there is just no room for more than one voice in this nation anymore.

That's what happens when one party and one ideaology seeks to control the entire nation and everyone in it."

Can't help rolling my eyes at the above. From the sound of the above, what Conservatives should do is sit back now that we've got a majority, and let the Left run things out of some sense of "fairness." By your rules, when a team is ahead by more than 3 points, they need to go get a cup of Gatorade, while the other side scores a few touchdowns unopposed. How silly.

I don't expect the Left to submit to what it has become. I expect, at some point, that the Left will figure out how to win elections again.

I think it will take a long time. As long as the Left(and thank you for finally admitting to being on the Left Patricia) continue to believe the problem is "Darth" Bush and the evil Conservatives, they will have no motivation to look within their own philosophy, and fix what's gone wrong.

Patricia, if you want to walk away, I guess you can. But why would you?

You act like Conservatives have succeeded through some kind of military takeover. If you are so far in Left field as to believe that, then the conversation is pretty much over. You are simply being a victim, by choice. Which is one of the mindsets the Left must overcome to regain power in the future.

In 1974, after Watergate, the Republican Party, and with it the Conservative movement, was given up for dead. I'm glad those Conservatives didn't take on your attitude of defeatism. Thank God folks like Ronald Reagan, and William F. Buckley, and James Dobson didn't decide to take your approach back then.

Conservatives have won very slowly, through ideas first, then through the ballot box. We set up Think Tanks like the Heritage Foundation and The Claremont Institute to explore what conservativism is, and what our guiding principles should be. And we found leaders true to those principles.

I don't share your attitude about the left, though. I know folks like Joe are out there. And I know he would prefer to see all four branches of government run by Democrats. He's doing what he can to make it so. And I'm doing what I can to prevent it.

Welcome to Politics. Check your victimhood at the door.

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