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Monday, May 16, 2005

Phishing Expeditions

Just recieved another "final notice from Earthlink" in my suspect spam folder. Says if I don't reply with my log in name and passwords, my ISP service will be cut off within ONE WEEK. I've been recieving the same message for months. Sometimes there are viruses attached, sometimes not. Very threatening, very dangerous if I responded to any of the emails. Instead, I just report them to my ISP, and ignore them, except to laugh at the stupidity of this kind of phishing for my confidential information.

Nice to see Harry Reid and my own Senior Senator Dick Durbin are learning some new things about technology, and applying their new knowledge to their positions as Senate Minority Leader and Senate Minority Whip, respectively. Here's hoping their tactics, under the cover of NARAL, are treated just like other phishing expeditions, report them, as Bob Novak did in the link, ignore them, and laugh at their stupid and desperate attempts to obstruct the Senate.

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