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Friday, May 20, 2005

A Health Update and a Thank you

Wow. You don't realize who drops by the blog until you close it for a day or two! Thanks to everybody for your comments and your emails. It's greatly appreciated. Both the wife and Number One Daughter are home. Both were laying on the couch and watching TVLand when I left to go work out. Daughter is down to neb treatments only every 4 to 6 hours, which meant I got 5 hours sleep in a row last night. That beats treatments every 2 to 3 hours a couple of nights ago. That makes for a very long night, and even George Noory and Laura Ingraham replays can't keep me awake that long.

The Mrs. is doing better, but still very weak. I'll be taking both of them back to the doctor later today. I'll likely be seeing an MD too, as I'm coughing again/ All in all, the house sounds like a TB ward. My Number One son is the only healthy one among us, and is really bummed about it. He keeps asking his Mom to lick him so he can miss school too...sigh.

Don't forget the many great blogs in the blogroll, especially Ancient Eyes, Devil's Advocate, Birth of a Neo-Con, and The New Oklahoma Democrat. Take a run by Gun Toting Liberal while you're at it.

I'll be watching the Senate Debate, if I can hear it over the screams of protest from the ladies of the house, who just want to watch the corruption of Oprah. Thank God we have two TVs in the house. Sigh.

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