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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

The President's Latvia Speech

In the midst of all the MSM wringing of hands over President Bush offending Putin, and then the breathless announcement that a fake grenade was thrown toward the President, it would be easy to lose sight of what Mr. Bush actually said to the Latvians, and the Georgians. It's important that these important words don't get lost in shuffle.

This excerpt is from the end of his Georgian Speech:

We are living in historic times when freedom is advancing, from the Black Sea to the Caspian, and to the Persian Gulf and beyond. As you watch free people gathering in squares like this across the world, waving their nations' flags and demanding their God-given rights, you can take pride in this fact: They have been inspired by your example and they take hope in your success. (Applause.)

As you build freedom in this country, you must know that the seeds of liberty you are planting in Georgian soil are flowering across the globe. (Applause.) I have come here to thank you for your courage. The American people value your friendship, and admire your determination. On behalf of all Americans, thank you, God bless you. Sakartvelos gaumarjos. (Applause.)

We are indeed living in historic times. Free people gathering in squares like the one in Georgia; thousands of people turning out to hear an American President, in a former Soviet state. Who would have dreamed of this 20 years ago?

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