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Sunday, August 17, 2003

Being Unfriendly at Work A Protestant Belief?
Now, I agree with much of this Reuters story. But this little tidbit below is just a bit much:


This impersonal attitude at work is rooted in Protestant beliefs of putting emotion aside at the office, Sanchez-Burks said in a telephone interview this week.

The American style of keeping things impersonal at the workplace is virtually confined to the United States, he said.

Speaking as a life long "protestant" I'm hard pressed to find anywhere in Scripture or tradition "the Protestant beliefs of putting emotion aside at the office."
Not that Reuters might have a religious bias or anything....

Monday, August 11, 2003

Blogs From Iraq
An end run around the mainstream media bias. Blogs directly from soldiers in Iraq. Great stuff!
The Enemy Within
by Victor Davis Hanson

Once again VDH hits it on the head. Sadly, the only Democrat who may be listening is Joe Leiberman, and who's listening to him these days?

What does all this mean? Western societies from ancient Athens to imperial Rome to the French republic rarely collapsed because of a shortage of resources or because foreign enemies proved too numerous or formidable in arms — even when those enemies were grim Macedonians or Germans. Rather, in times of peace and prosperity there arose an unreal view of the world beyond their borders, one that was the product of insularity brought about by success, and an intellectual arrogance that for some can be the unfortunate byproduct of an enlightened society.

I think we are indulging in this unreal hypercriticism — even apart from the election-season antics of our politicians — because we are not being gassed, or shot, or even left hot or hungry. September 11 no longer evokes an image of incinerated firemen, innocents leaping out of skyscrapers, or the stench of flesh and melted plastic, but rather: squabbles over architectural designs, lawsuits, snarling over Mr. Ashcroft's new statutes, or concerns about being too rude to the Arab street.

Such smug dispensation — as profoundly amoral as it is — provides us, on the cheap and at a safe distance, with a sense of moral worth. Or perhaps censuring from the bleachers enables us to feel superior to those less fortunate who are still captive to their primordial appetites. We prefer to cringe at the thought that others like to see proof of their killers' deaths, prefer to shoot rather than die capturing a mass murderer, and welcome a generic profile of those who wish to kill them en masse.

We should take stock of this dangerous and growing mindset — and remember that wealthy, sophisticated societies like our own are rarely overrun. They simply implode — whining and debating still to the end, even as they pass away.
The Anti-Catholic, anti-Christian bias Continues
In The Midst of All The Strife
Gay Bishops, Terrorists, World War III.
But all is right with the world, as Oklahoma is once again ranked No. 1.
As it should be.
Eat your heart out, Hugh Hewitt.

Sunday, August 10, 2003

The Wikipedia
I would like to introduce everyone to The Ultimate online Encyclopedia.
If you don't agree with an article, or feel something is inaccurate, feel free to change it.
This is not your father's Encyclopedia. Lots of fun though.

Wednesday, August 06, 2003


Bloggers won’t match Limbaugh

Very good points. He's right.
The thing is, no blogger worth his keyboard would even try to compete with El Rushbo.
Arnold IS IN!!!!!
Oh, am I gonna be draggin' tomorrow morning, cuz I just gotta see Arnold make the announcement tonite.
Travels With Tom
If there was anything to make me stop blogging, it may be the thought of sharing the blogosphere with none other Tom Daschle.
Lord have mercy.
The List Keeps Growing, as the Rift Widens.

Statements from Mainstream Anglicanism Worldwide
Statement from Archbishop Akinola on the Election of Gene Robinson
Statement from Archbishop Drexel Gomez

I added a new Perma-link on the right. California Insider is the best site to find the latest on the circus known as the California Recall.

Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Response From the American Anglican Council to The Vote
I couldn't say it better myself, and won't try:

The Episcopal Church USA has shattered the Anglican family. With the approval of Canon Gene Robinson's election by the Episcopal House of Bishops, the Episcopal Church has departed from the historic Christian faith. We reject this action of our Church.

We now face a profound pastoral crisis that will leave many Episcopalians searching for an answer for the deep pain that has been inflicted upon them. They are experiencing an overwhelming sense of loss and in some cases betrayal by this General Convention.

In response to this tragedy, the Anglican mainstream Bishops in the Episcopal Church have said that they will appeal to the Archbishop of Canterbury as well as the Primates of the Anglican Communion for Godly direction and emergency intervention. The majority of the Primates have already said that they "anticipate convening an extraordinary meeting at which they too will respond to the actions of General Convention." Many Bishops will also be scheduling special diocesan conventions to determine how they will respond, as dioceses, to this devastating unilateral action of the Episcopal Church. In early October in Plano, Texas, the AAC will hold a pivotal meeting of Anglican mainstream parishes in order to chart our future.

The AAC is committed to remaining part of the Anglican Communion and will find a way for mainstream Anglicans in the Episcopal Church to stay in communion with the Archbishop of Canterbury. We call on all Christians to join us now in prayer, seeking God's word and will for the Anglican Communion.

We stand united with hundreds of millions of Christians worldwide in proclaiming that Jesus Christ is Lord. This simple, profound and life-transforming truth cannot be changed by any human vote.

Monday, August 04, 2003

A bit more on the vote being stalled, from the Washington Times
A Reminder of What We Are Fighting For
In case you forgot, view this song. Then say a prayer.
The Vote is Stalled
I hope this isn't true. No matter how you feel about the vote, this isn't the way for it to be stopped.

Sunday, August 03, 2003

The First Gay Bishop in the Episcopal Church
Well, the House of Deputies just voted by almost two thirds to make Robinson a bishop. It could very well split the Episcopal Church.
Here's the story from FoxNews.
And here's the statement from a sizable part of the Anglican Communion.