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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Facebook and Me

Facebook is a great place to find out about the weather, the latest recipes, and how big the deer was your neighbor shot last night. But when it comes to politics, religion or anything else the least bit controversial, forget it! I'll do blogs every time.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Articles: An Angry Black Man

Articles: An Angry Black Man: An amazing article, and expressed the way many of us feel, black or white or any other color.

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Friday, November 16, 2012

The End of Christendom...

Posted this on Facebook...
So, I thought I'd be okay by now. But I find myself more sad with each passing day. Maybe you've felt it too, since that Tuesday night in early November when we watched our fellow citizens vote our nation away.

It was just an election. We've had them before. We'll have them again. (I hope.)
But somehow, this was different. The loss seems deeper, more profound, more permanent. We sense that this...

vote was a vote for a different kind of America, an America we neither understand nor want. And that last election was our last chance to stop it.

It wasn't just our loss, but Western Civilization's last gasp as well.
For the first time since 325 AD, Western Civilization is no longer Christian. Christendom, the idea of a Christian kingdom encompassing the West, is finally, irrevocably dead. Christians once again live in a pagan, secular culture, a society at odds with our beliefs and values. And this is only the beginning.

If Christ tarries, we would do well to look back to those men and women of Christian History who faced a pagan culture before us. Those saints of the first 300 years of the Church can teach a lot to those of us living in the last days of that same Eklesia.