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Saturday, May 21, 2005

A Mass Murderer in his Underwear: Say It Isn't So!

Okay, so it shouldn't have happened. Whoever leaked the pictures should be found and prosecuted for stupidity, if for no other reason. Having said that....

Al-Jazeera was shocked! Shocked I tell you! And refused to put the pictures on their network out of decency concerns. A new meaning to the word irony, don't you think? They do allow beheadings, with sound. Guess Westerners being brutally butchered does not offend the carefully tuned decency standards of the terrorist propaganda network. Showing a mass murderer who killed more Muslims in a week than the Coalition forces have in 3 years does offend. Go figure.

I wonder if the screaming victims fed feet first to Saddam's meat grinder were wearing underwear? I'm fairly certain the women in Saddam's rape rooms were not fully dressed. And the 4 and 5 year olds in Saddam's children's prison? I'm thinking they were not the essence of sartorial perfection either. Though I do think most of the Kurdish civilians were fully clothed as they died an agonizing death thanks to Saddam's gas attack.

My point is not that we should not have a higher standard We should, and do. But its important not to fall into the moral equivalency fallacy. Saddam in his clean underwear, with his dyed hair, both paid for by my tax dollars, is not the same thing as his crimes of torture and death. I for one, am not going to lose sleep over the humiliation of a mass murderer. I think his victims, if they could speak, would likely feel the same.

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