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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Pictures, and Words

When I read or hear folks say they support the troops, but dont' support the Iraqi front, I think of photographs like this.

I also think of the Children's prison discovered there. And the rape rooms. And the mass graves. And the months of hell the Kuwaitis suffered through before Desert Storm. And I remember the payments made to the famlies of homicide bombers from Saddam. And I remember the Kurdish villages destoyed by gas attacks on Saddam's orders.

I think about the thousands of photographs of women, mosly pornographic, that Saddam's son kept in one of the "palaces." Including pictures of President Bush's own daughters. And the meat grinders, used for execution. Victims were fed feet first, slowly, so Saddam and his sons could savor the screams.

All of those things would still be happeining if the United States had not gone in to Iraq. All except one. That American soldier would not be cradling the body of that child after Islamo-Fascist murderers killed civilians. That little girl, and her parents, would still be slaves to an evil dictator and his maniacal sons.

Are there other evil dictators in the world? Certainly. The concentration camp the world calls North Korea still exists, and is still killing thousands each year. The reality is the United States can't take all the evil in the world, nor should we.

But we did take on two of the most evil regimes in the world, the Taliban, and the Baathist parasites of Iraq. Both countries are well on their way to being Democracies. The terrorists who brought pain and destruction to that little girl understand well the stakes. Losing Iraq to Liberty destroys their claims of speaking for the Arab world. Losing Iraq sets off a chain reaction in the other dictatorships and true theocracies of the Middle East. The Islamo-Fascist murderers understand the stakes, and are trembling. I wonder when we in the United States will be as intelligent as the terrorists, and begin to act like we too have counted the cost, and continued the building of Liberty.

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