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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Jerry Brown's Blog

Yes, that Jerry Brown. I've always been impressed with his intelligence. Not necessarilyhis ideas, but he certainly is one of the most intelligent thinkers on the left. This post on being a mayor is very deep.

Take a look, even leave a comment for him.

hat tip to Gun Toting Liberal for this one. Thanks GT.

Brave New World

Like most new technology, this holds the promise of both terror and hope. With this one, I sorta lean toward the terror side....

Good Luck, Mark

In the coming weeks, there will be some wonderful changes to Liberty Just in Case. Mark will explain most of the technical and logistical information. With additional time and dedication, we should see Liberty Just in Case listed next to Instapundit, Dailykos, Volokh, Hewitt and others as a leader in the swarming world of blogs, as Hugh Hewitt would put it. No - Mark and I didn't have a fight and I'll continue to comment as Patricia does. But time, technology and other commitments limit my ability to do some of the great work here that Mark will be able to do. I've enjoyed this dialogue and wish the best for my good friend here. Keep reading and watching!

Friday, April 29, 2005

The Branch Davidians of the Senate

This is the quote of the week, the month, and maybe the year:
For Democrats, judicial philosophy is a cultural Armageddon. Harry Reid and Ted Kennedy have turned the Senate into a Branch Davidian compound. No one in the liberal cult is allowed to leave, including the hostage nominees--unless they recant their conservatism. How many Senate Democrats plan to be in this bunker when Bill Frist's ATF squad detonates the "nuclear option"?
I've not laughed so hard at a paragraph in a long time, and wish I had written it! Henninger is exactly right. And his analogy needs no further comment.

Good News on the Environment

What?!?!? Isn't that a contradiction in terms? Nope, but some would love to have you think so.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

They Just Don't Get It

Gun-Toting Liberal did a great post the other day.
Mort Kondracke unintentionally answered the post...in spades.

Colorado Senator Apologizes

And well he should. Calling James Dobson the AntiChrist is about as low as one can get.
By the way, this is the same Senator who promised during his campaign that he would not vote to block Bush's judges. I tell you, it's something in the water....I'm thinking of starting a drive to drain the Potomac. Not that it would help. Most of those Senators drink bottled water..from France.

"Self-loathing" Gays

Remember a couple of weeks ago when Clinton described a guy working against Hillary as filled with "self loathing?" Here's a great link from Gay Patriot on the comment.

By the way, has anyone noticed I seem to be posting more on gays these days? It's a paradox. And, as Lazarus Long says, paradox are not to be understood, only embraced...

Election 2032

A great analysis of how population trends may effect coming elections. Bad news for both sides, good news for both sides. Fair and Balanced, sort of.

Of Bars and Blogs

Most people have an idea of the perfect bar, even those of us who don't drink. Maybe for you, it's Cheers, "where everybody knows your name." Maybe your bar is your local church, and you drink grape juice instead of wine at communion. Whatever, everyone has a favorite fantasy bar.
For me, it's Callahan's, created by Spider Robinson. A cozy place, off the beaten path. No loud music, light where it needs to be, and shadows where appropriate. Those who need the place, find it. And anything can, and frequently does, happen.
The Callahan Chronicals

Running Liberty Just in Case is alot like running a neighborhood bar. You have your regulars, that keep you writing, and you have your occasionals, that pop in for a look, then move on. A percentage of them become regulars over time. You also have your trolls that need to be kicked out by the bouncers once in a while.
Like bars, it works best if you are a night owl, as much of the best stuff to serve your patrons can be had after the mainstream media goes to bed. But it's also important to serve breakfast, for those who need a quick jolt before starting the day. (Hello Patricia)
Bars serve an important public service, and it has very little to do with alcohol. Humans don't do well as loners, for the most part. Like elephants, lone, isolated humans can quickly become rogue. Even when we are alone, we still talk to ourselves. I think blogs function in much the same way. They allow people to come together, and like the best bars, with some degree of anonymity. People only know what you choose to reveal. Therein lies safety.
So, pull up a chair, and let's talk. Don't worry, the bouncers are close by to kick out the trolls, once they show themselves. The bouncers are slow to act, and are gentle souls. They want to give a troll every chance to be human. Some can. When they can't, they usually move on to the next bar, until they find themselves with their own kind on the other side of the tracks. If they can't move on voluntarily, a house rule at Liberty Just in Case is that they are pushed, and the door is locked behind them. Like Callahan, I keep a baseball bat behind the counter, right next to the shotgun.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Perky Katie No More

I haven't watched The Today Show in years, except for brief periods while Fox and Friends was in commercial break. I've always found Katie Couric annoying. It would appear The New York Times agrees. The story in National Review above is probably closer to the mark.

An Interview With the Army Chief of Staff

You may not know who Peter Schoomaker is. He's likely okay with that. He's more interested in doing his job than getting his name in the spotlight.

The General does not give many interviews, but he did give one to Time. Very much worth reading.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

45 Million Uninsured! Remember That?

It was the club Kerry and company used time and time again.
Looks like the LA Times has finally caught up:
The number of Americans without health insurance — one of the most watched and worrisome indicators of economic well-being — may be overstated by as much as 20%, according to research conducted for the government.
Interesting the way statistics like this come out after the elections...

Only One Reason Democrats Are Now Willing to Compromise

Frist must have the votes among the linguini spined Senate Republicans. I'm hoping Frist read a bible during his teleconference on Sunday, especially the part about the compromise Pharoah wanted to give Moses in Exodus. Moses rejected it, knowing it would only lead to more slavery in the end. Here's hoping Frist can apply the lesson in the Senate.

The Not a Dime More movement is spreading, and nothing scares a politician more than having his money cut off. I'm not sure what internal polls the Republicans are looking at that show support failing. It does not appear to be failing among those who voted them in to office. But Senate Republicans have a history of not listening to anyone who actually voted for them. Guess they're too busy trying to find out what the New York Times and Washington Post think of them.

Maybe it really is something in the water....

An Update:

Looks like Dr. Senator Frist has the message.

But Frist, in a rare news conference conducted on the Senate floor, said he would not accept any deal that keeps his Republican majority from confirming judicial nominees that have been approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee.

"Are we going to step back from that principle? The answer to that is no," Frist said.

That means he and Reid are still at deadlock, because Democrats have said they would not accept any deals that would permanently ban them from blocking Bush's nominees to the Supreme Court or the federal appellate courts, the top two tiers of the judicial system.

Politics. Still my favorite spectator sport.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Oh How I Would Have Loved to Have Been There!

The Media Research Center was skewering MSM bias long before it became popular, and still does the best job around at pointing out the ongoing lefty leanings of mainstream journalism. Can't think of a better place for an old Conservative like me than their awards banquet.

Hubble Showcase

Can we really allow this incredible machine to burn up in our atmosphere? Take a look at some of the photographs here and then write your Senator or Congressman.

Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Where was this stuff when I was in undergrad in the early 80's? Back in my day, you actually had to look in books for this kind of material. And for you young'uns who don't know the word, here's a definition of the ancient term "book." Not to be confused with e-Book, with which we are all familiar. Sigh. Guess I am getting old....

More News You Aren't Hearing: Hillary

Now be honest. Were you aware of any of this? If you only read and view the MSM, probably not. If Tom Delay's campaign manager were going on trial May 3rd, how many cameras would be there, and how many hours would the Cable News Channels be devoting to the story? Just asking.

Hate Speech? Nope. Just Stupidity, Again

Think about this the next time you hear a Democrat wailing about "mean" Republicans:
Dean has suggested that they (Republicans) are "evil." That they are "corrupt." He called them "brain-dead" during a stop in Toronto -- and while the Terri Schiavo case was still in the news. He has tagged Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Pa.) as a "liar." Last week, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reported that he mimicked a "drug-snorting Rush Limbaugh" at an event there.
Well, at least he's consistent.

What You Haven't Heard From Iraq

One of my favorite features on OpinionJournal, from Arthur Chrenkoff, a roundup of the good news coming from Iraq. Each and every link is worth reading. The MSM has worked very hard to present a united front of negativism in regards to the Iraqi Front of the war. But like certain Senate Republicans, maverick reporters keep gumming up the plotline.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Health Update

For those of you who are new to Liberty, a recap.
I've been off work for months with severe breathing problems. Hospitalized a few times, and more steroids than a major league baseball player. In effect, on long-term disability. I've had multiple diagnoses, none of which have solved the problem.

I've been giving health updates every once in awhile on Liberty, as this is the easiest way to communicate with family and friends around the country. There, now you're up to date. And it didn't even cause you to stop breathing. Can't beat that.

Had a camera put down my trachea last week, all the way to where it branches off to the right and left lung. Local anesthetic, very cool to watch, in a scary sort of way. Apparently my trachea is collapsing periodically, and sucking my esophagus in as it fails. This blocks my airway pretty efficiently, sort of like putting a plastic bag over your head. That's the bad news. The good news is that it appears to be fixable.

Worst case scenario is a surgically placed stint in my trachea, forcing it to stay open. Not the best, or most pain free option. We are trying some specific breathing techniques first. I'm seeing a wonderful speech pathologist named Cathy. Very bouncy, and incredibly optimistic and affirming, all of which I need after 8 months of this. We are identifying triggers that cause the collapse, and working to prevent the attacks.

So far, one trigger identified is microwave popcorn. I am, in effect, allergic to Orville Redenbacher. . And I do love the Orville movie popcorn. Sigh

As always, thanks for the prayers of all faiths, and the support. It's always a big help. Hopefully, we are on the right track, and will soon no longer be on the verge of collapse. Well, physically anyway...

Hollywood Discovers the Blogosphere

Thanks to Matt Drudge for this story.
I'm not sure Ms. Huffington's site will succeed any better than Air America, but we'll see. Voices on the left have done far better on the internet than they have on radio. And yes, despite her assurances, I have little doubt that this side will definitely tilt left.

Gay Defeats and Victories

An interesting, and relatively unbiased look at the gay rights debate around the country. Worth reading, no matter which side of the argument you are on.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Quote of the Week

What a profound statement:

It takes in reality only one to make a quarrel. It is useless for the
sheep to pass resolutions in favour of vegetarianism while the wolf remains of a
different opinion.

Ralph Inge
, Outspoken Essays (1919)English author & Anglican
prelate (1860 - 1954)
Most great quotes are a Rorschach test. You take away from them what you brought to the table. For me, this quote is the perfect answer to those who want "peace" with terrorists. It also says alot about the Republican sheep currently ensconced in the Senate.

Hat tip to Robert A. Heinlein, from one of his last books, The Cat Who Walked Through Walls.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Now Isn't This Special?

These poor high school girls are obviously being persecuted for their, ummm, opinion.
But the ACLU will ride to the rescue, securing their right to say...well, to say this:
I [heart] My Vagina.

And for boys, there is this:
I Support Your Vagina
Now, this is simply more information than I need to know about these girls', how shall we say it? preferences. And, it's hard for me to think of any teenage male who would NOT support this particular part of a young girl's anatomy.

"We can't really find out what is inappropriate about it," Rethlefsen, 18, said of the button she wears to raise awareness about women's issues. "I don't think banning things like that is appropriate."
Sooo, what exactly is she talking about being banned? That part of her anatomy which apparently needs "support" from hormonally raging young men? Short of a sex change operation, there is no danger of that. I'm thinking there may be better, and more appropriate, ways to raise awareness of "women's issues," than wearing buttons explaining how much one loves their anatomy. The fact that she can't really see what may be inappropriate about her button says more about her upbringing than it does about her love of, ahem, women's issues.

But this is a case tailor made for the nuttiness of the ACLU:

Their case could become another test of whether high school students have the right to express their views in school. Charles Samuelson, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Minnesota, has offered to help the girls.

"It's political speech," he said.

Samuelson acknowledged that school officials can limit speech considered detrimental or dangerous. But he said this case is similar to Tinker v. Des Moines, a 1969 U.S. Supreme Court ruling in a case where students were forbidden to wear black armbands to protest the Vietnam War. The court ruled that First Amendment rights are available to teachers and students and that administrators' fear about how others might react is not enough to squelch those rights.

Soooo, being able to wear a button saying "I (heart) my Vagina" or "I Support Your Vagina" is comparable to protesting the Vietnam War?!?!? Only when you fall down the rabbit hole to that Wonderland known as the American left. Sigh.

Benedict XVI: Peggy Noonan

One of the most profound statements to come from a profound writer:
Those who are pursuing John Paul II's canonization, please note: his first miracle is Benedict XVI.
A moving editorial. Worth savoring for awhile.

What Makes Blogging Fun

There is no better place for the exchange of ideas, and at times even intelligent argument than the blogosphere.

One of my favorite bloggers is Joe, at The New Oklahoma Democrat. He did a post the other day that is well worth reading. It's a little like looking in a mirror, as his views are the polar opposite of my own.

I'm reminded of the old Star Trek Episode, Mirror, Mirror, where Kirk and company are transferred to another Universe, where they are the exact opposite of who they are in the "real" Universe. Just think, Joe. In that Universe, you are more conservative, more Republican, than I am. In that Universe, John Kerry may have even been coherent at times. :-) On the other hand, I shudder at who I would be in that Universe. To quote my 12 year old daughter, it's just icky....

Joe left a comment on Liberty, that doesn't make much sense unless you read his post, and my comment on it. The link to the post is here, and the comments are below:
I'm not sure where to begin on this one, Joe. Let's just deal with the whole Christian thing at the end.

Did God ever enter politics? Yep. The entire book of Judges is God choosing leaders of Israel. It was only when the Hebrews whined and moaned for a king that God gave them Saul. In many ways, Saul was the first political appointee.

Also, I am a Christian. Evangelical, to be exact, from a long line of Roosevelt Democrats. I've done alot of "soul-searching" about which party most aligns with my faith. It would be extremely difficult to remain in the Democrat Party, based on it's platform and agenda. That agenda is the reason you have lost the South, and are losing the Midwest. I would strongly recommend Mike Gegan's peice in the Boston Review on Monday. You can find the link on Liberty.

Finally, Republicans are not saying that Democrats hate Christians. That's a distortion, and something of a straw man. What we are saying is that folks like Chuck Schumer have said that if you have "strong beliefs", and are committed to those beliefs, you cannot be a judge. He said that during the Pryor hearings, in context referring to Pryor's Catholicism. Those same views, specifically pro-life, would preclude an Evangelical from holding a Federal Judgeship in Schumer's world. If you can say with straight face that Schumer does not speak for the left, let me know.

Last thing. I firmly agree with your assessment of Dean's plan to use the Schiavo case. It would be an immense miscalculation, and would confirm all the doubts about Dr. Dean's selection as DNC Chairman.

Gravatar My argument regarding politics was not regarding has God EVER been political but rather when did God come down and choose the Republicans. Given their track record, I find it impossible to believe he ever would do so. I will edit my statement to better reflect this point. Cheers!

Thank you for visiting Mark. My argument regarding politics was not regarding has God EVER been political but rather when did God come down and choose the Republicans. Given their track record, I find it impossible to believe he ever would do so. I edited the post to reflect my point. (Editor's Note: Dirty pool!!! Editing your post in response to an admittedly obnoxous reader ie. me negates the context of the comment, rendering it nonsensical. Of, course, some might say it was nonsensical in the first place, so who cares? Sigh) I completely understand your point first of all. Second, I disagree to a point. I understand that there are Democrats who are probably too secular. On the other hand, I also feel that too many Republican leaders are attempting to label the Party as anti-religious. Not all, by any means, but too many. In saying these things, I must also confess that I in turn could never be a Republican because I can't be involved with the Party that literally uses fear to win votes, is definitely on the side ofbig business and is definitely not the friend of the little man, based on their track record. We may be forced to agree to disagree, but I did want to clarify my point. Otherwise, wonderful response and yes my anger at Dean is growing as I stated. Cheers my friend!
Agreeing to disagree is becoming something of a habit for me here on Liberty.

As I said, the dialogue is what makes blogging fun. Once again, I find myself violating one of my Father's rules: "There are two things you should never discuss, Politics and Religion." Sorry Dad. Fortunately, he never heard of blogging before he passed on. Guess I dodged a bullet on that one...Sigh.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

But On a More Positive Note: Carville and Begala

Before I get to depressed about Trojan RINOs, there is this editorial by Clinton's chief hatchetmen, James Carville and Paul Begala. The bad news is that some Democrats are admitting they have a problem. But the good news is that they still have no clue what their problems are. Cheers!!!!

Trojan RINOs

It's important to understand what is happening in the Republican party right now. A grassroots movement called Not A Dime More is spreading. As the Bush nominations keep getting blocked, not by Democrats, but by, as My Sandmen calls them, Trojan RINOs, the rage is spreading. And the result is the return of fund-raising requests from the party. I've already returned one, with the words Not a Dime More written across it. It appears to be the only way to get the message across that the Bush nominations to the Judiciary matter.

And not just the Judiciary. What the Senator from Ohio pulled yesterday during the Bolton hearings is simply beyond reason. He admits he wasn't even there for the 2 days of hearings last week! Then votes with the Democrats?!?!? And to think we were worried about Lincoln Chaffee...Sigh.

The MSM Editorial Boards: This is Diversity?

Hugh Hewitt has a fascinating roundup of Editorial Opinion from the "great" newspapers around the country. He then asks some profound questions:
The refusal of even a single day's honeymoon for the new pope from the scribblers of the left tells us a lot about the folks who work on editorial boards, and also a lot about diversity in America's newsrooms. Are there even five traditional, Mass-attending and confession-going writers among the five editorial boards sampled above? Is there even one who would step forward to defend the Church's teaching on human dignity and sexuality? There are tens of millions of American Catholics full of joy at yesterday's news, but do they have any voice within elite MSM at all?
Is it any wonder that newspapers are experiencing massive drops in readership today? Or why the number of readers turning to the blogosphere is increasing exponentially?

A Comparison of Bishops: Catholic and Episcopal

Michael Novak gives a wonderful explanation of Cardinal Ratzinger's sermon on Relativism at the Mass for the Election of the Supreme Pontiff. Here is but a small part of a wonderful peice:
In his most formative years, Ratzinger heard Nazi propaganda shouting that there is no truth, no justice, there is only the will of the people (enunciated by its leader). As its necessary precondition, Nazism depended on the debunking of objective truth and objective morality. Truth had to be derided as irrelevant, and naked will had to be exalted.

To anybody who said: “But that’s false!” the Nazi shouted, “That’s just your opinion, and who are you, compared to Der Fuehrer?”

To anybody who said, “But what you are doing is unjust!” the Nazi shouted louder, “Says you, swine.”

Relativism means this: Power trumps.

And this:

Along with that move, he has observed (haven’t we all?), comes a dictatorial impulse, to treat anyone who has a different view as “intolerant.” For instance, those (on the “religious right”) who hold that there are truths worth dying for, and objective goods to be pursued and objective evils to be avoided, are now held to be “intolerant” fundamentalists, guilty of “discrimination.”

In other words, the new dictatorial impulse declares that the only view permissible among reasonable people is the view that all subjective choices are equally valid. It declares, further, that anyone who claims that there are objective truths and objective goods and evils is “intolerant.” Such persons are to be expelled from the community, or at a minimum re-educated. That is to say, all Catholics and others like them must be converted to relativism or else sent into cultural re-training camps.

On the basis of relativism, however, no culture can long defend itself or justify its own values. If everything is relative, even tolerance is only a subjective choice, not an objective mandatory value. Ironically, though, what post-moderns call “tolerance” is actually radically intolerant of any view contrary to its own.

And finally this:

For Cardinal Ratzinger, moreover, it is not reason that offers a foundation for faith, but the opposite. Historically, it is Jewish and Christian faith in an intelligent and benevolent Creator that gave birth in the West to trust in reason, humanism, science, and progress, and carried the West far beyond the fatalistic limits of ancient Greece and Rome.

To the meaninglessness of relativism, Ratzinger counter poses respect for the distinctive, incommensurable image of God in every single human being, from the most helpless to the seemingly most powerful, together with a sense of our solidarity with one another in the bosom of our Creator. This fundamental vision of the immortal value both of the individual person and the whole human community in solidarity has been the motor-power, the spiritual dynamic overdrive, of an increasingly global (catholic) civilization.

That, at least, is the way he sees it. He is willing to argue out his case with all comers.

Compare Pope Benedict's views to the below from Gene Robinson, the focus of so much controversy in the Anglican Communion, from his interview with PlannedParenthood:

Little has been written about your stance on reproductive rights. Are you pro-choice?

Absolutely. The reason I love the Episcopal Church is that it actually trusts us to be adults. In a world where everyone tries to paint things as black or white, Episcopalians feel pretty comfortable in the gray areas.

I'm sure there must be individual congregations, and certainly individuals, who are off the deep end about this issue, but for the most part, the stance that we have taken speaks to our people as a mature and adult way of dealing with this — that we protect a woman's right to choose but also say that obviously there are very deep things involved here.

So we encourage our folks to take this very private issue seriously. We urge them to talk to their priests about it and to think through all the questions they might have. And then we absolutely stand behind a woman's right to choose. I think that's a responsible place to be.

I guess I'm just one of those Anglicans who has "gone off the deep end" about killing children in the womb. Some Episcopalians do indeed feel comfortable in the "grey areas." But those of us who see Scripture as the final arbiter and judge of doctrine do not. It is when you ignore Scripture that the world becomes grey on issues of life and death, among other things. This straying from the Faith is the reason the ECUSA has been asked to attend no further Anglican councils until the next Lambeth conference, and why the rift in the Anglican communion continues to widen. The ECUSA represents the living example of the relativism the new Pope so prophetically warned against. I hope the Anglican Church is listening to it's big sister. I'm quite sure the ECUSA is not.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

What The Democrats Are Missing: From a Democrat

I've not read anything this deep in a long time. Mike Gecan nails the problem for the Democrat Party, and the Left in general. While I disagree with his conclusions, his explanation of the problem is well worth reading. Here's hoping the Democrats just blow right by this peice. If they take it to heart, the Republican Party is in trouble in '06 and '08.

Of course, that's assuming the Republicans don't shoot themselves in the foot between now and then. Sigh.

In Memoriam: The Oklahoma Bombing

I can think of no better way to honor the memory of those who died in The Murrah Federal Building than to recommend this book by Jayna Davis.  In detail, with the kind of supporting evidence that would stand up in a court of law, she presents the case that there was far more to the Oklahoma bombing than McVeigh and Nichols.  She presents witnesses, sworn affadavits, and names John Doe 2 specifically.  She also explains the sad story of government incompetence and coverup that followed the bombing.
If you know me, or have read Liberty for any length of time, you know I don't do conspiracy theories. I take great pleasure in shooting down folks who can't support their arguments with verifiable facts.  I've tried very hard to shoot down Jayna Davis. Not only because she indicts the Clinton Administration, but because she also reports that the cover-up has continued through the Bush Administration, right up to and past 9/11.   I've been unable to find any flaws in her case. Her arguments are compelling, relentless, and backed by reams of sworn testimony ignored by Federal Investigators. She managed to convince David Shippers, who is no easy sell. And she's convinced me. Hopefully, if her book convinces enough people, the Government will have to take notice.
Jayna's website is here. I'd appreciate it if you'd buy the book through my link, if possible. But any way you can read it, please do. Then pass it on.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Dancing to Strauss: A Leftist Canard

Joe over at The New Oklahoma Democrat threw me a curve today. I've been reading conservative material for a long time, and never came across the name of Leo Strauss. Yet, according to Joe, Professor Strauss is the "Father of the Neo-Cons." This link helps put the argument in some perspective. Here's another great link on the same topic from The Politic.
So, what happens when you do a Google search with the words Wolfowitz and Strauss?


Now I'm no rocket scientist, just a guy from a little town in Oklahoma transplanted to the frozen north of Chicago, but it sure looks like much of the alleged Straussian influence comes from lefty sites, or sites repeating the same stuff. I'm open to being wrong here, and really am not sure I care. But I've spent some time on this , so thought I'd share what I found. I'm expecting Joe to correct me on the above. If so, I'll prominently post how wrong I am.

By the way, hop over to Joe's site for a view on politics completely different from my own. It's a great site, and well worth bookmarking.

A Greek Holy Grail: Ancient Writings Decoded

What a staggering discovery! More to come...

Sunday, April 17, 2005

A Litany of Foreign Policy Failures

Victor Davis Hanson reminds us of the 5 most prominent failures in our recent foreign policy. Funny how these same prophets of failure are the ones the MSM turns to as its "experts."
If the American public has to hear another sermon from a Brent Scowcroft — “Sharon just has him [President Bush] wrapped around his little finger. I think the president is mesmerized” — or Madeline Albright — “Do you suppose that the Bush administration has Osama bin Laden hidden away somewhere and will bring him out before the election?” — about what we are now doing wrong in the Middle East, I think it will collectively heave.

The past ostracism of Arafat and the removal of the Taliban and Saddam Hussein, followed by democratic engagement, will bring eventual stability to the Middle East and enhance the security of the United States. After the failures of all our present critics, this new policy of promoting American values is our last, best hope. And the president will be rewarded long after he leaves office by the verdict of history for nobly sticking to it when few others, friend or foe, would.
Read the whole thing. And remember it the next time you see one of these talking heads on your favorite MSM all news station.

Tom Delay and the Attack of the Rabid Left

This piece carefully explains the rabid attack on Tom Delay. Much information in this article you will never hear from the MSM. Here's an example:
Example 1: Last week's story in The New York Times breathlessly reported that DeLay had employed family members to work on his campaigns and for his political action committee. This story was so old it had whiskers. It was first reported in the Capitol Hill newspaper Roll Call in 2003.
Other news outlets dutifully followed the Times and created the impression that DeLay had put family members on the public payroll. In fact, no taxpayer money was involved. Nor was it in any way illegal or unethical for DeLay's privately funded PAC to employ his wife and daughter. The Times reported that DeLay's PAC paid his wife and daughter $500,000. This is only $50,000 a year each for the past five years, a solidly middle-class income and certainly a lot less than the editors at The New York Times earn.
Or this:
Example 2: The Washington Post recently published a page-one "expose" about the financing of a 1997 trip to Russia. The facts are that the National Center for Public Policy Research, a nonprofit association, issued a statement last month describing its sponsorship of and payment for this trip: "The National Center for Public Policy Research was careful to pay all the expenses associated with Congressman DeLay's trip. Reports to the contrary are incorrect." Every year, dozens of members of Congress and staff participate in such trips financed by nonprofit organizations. This is perfectly legal, normal and even routine.

In fact, despite being in the minority, over the past four years Democrats have taken 54 percent of such trips and Democrats were the top five private trip-takers (in terms of money spent). They were in order: Sen. John Breaux. Rep. Robert Wexler, Rep. Gene Green, Rep. Maurice Hinchey and Rep. Cal Dooley. And when it comes to taxpayer financed trips, Democrat Nancy Pelosi has spent six times more on foreign travel than Tom DeLay.

Now, here's the real reason for the current rabid attack:
The Democrats never will forgive Tom DeLay for his efforts in redrawing congressional districts in Texas that cost them six seats in the House (which incidentally undid past Democratic gerrymandering and brought Texas' delegation into line with the overwhelming majority of voters in the Lone Star State). Democrats despise DeLay because he is a tough, principled conservative and an effective majority leader who is successful in driving the Republican agenda though the House. Unable to win elections, and bereft of anything positive to offer the country, the Democrats and their Soros-funded allies have become little more than a pack of seething scandalmongers.
Elections have consequences. Shame the Left has refused to learn this lesson.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Religious Persecution: Bill Frist Speaks to Evangelicals

The New York Times Tells the Story:
Some of the nation's most influential evangelical Protestants are participating in the teleconference in Louisville, including Dr. James C. Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family; Chuck Colson, the born-again Watergate figure and founder of Prison Fellowship Ministries; and Dr. Al Mohler, president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.
Dobson and Colson and Mohler, Oh My! as Dorothy and Company might say if they were from the Left.

Of course, it's perfectly acceptable for prominent Democrats from Clinton to Gore to Kerry to speak in black churches across the country, and to hold what amounts to political fundraisers there. It's only when Conservatives speak at prominent Evangelical Conferences that The New York Times smells trouble. I seriously doubt Mr. Kirkpatrick, the writer of this story, has ever listened to one of Dr. Dobson's radio shows, or would even know where to find Chuck Colson's books, most especially his excellent look at the Kingdom of God vs. The kingdoms of the world called Kingdoms in Conflict. And Lord knows, he would never deign himself lowly enough to enter a (horrors) Southern Baptist Church.

Any wonder the folks in what is arrogantly called "flyover country" are getting redder and redder?

Who Says Chess and Politics Aren't Contact Sports?

MOSCOW (AP) - Garry Kasparov, the world's former No. 1 chess player who quit the professional game last month to focus on politics, said Saturday he had been hit over the head with a chessboard in a politically motivated attack.

The Pro-Death Party

Howard Dean says the Democrats will make Terri Schiavo's death "an issue" in the 2006 and 2008 campaigns. Works for me. A majority of the House Democrats voted for the bill to keep her alive, and all of the Democrat Senators voted for it. As the Republican spokeswoman said:
Tracey Schmitt, a spokeswoman for the Republican National Committee, said Dean's "outrageous remarks help underscore why Dean is the leader of the minority party."
Hard to get your base excited about killing someone through dehydration and starvation, but Dr. Dean is welcome to try.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Just one More on McCain

Noone says it better than Captain Ed over at Captain's Quarters:
McCain was a brave man in Viet Nam. He became a craven politician a long time ago, however, and almost everything he's done since shows that he hasn't changed a bit. If I still lived in Arizona, I'd be looking for ways to recall him from office immediately. It's time for the GOP to quit kissing McCain's ass and apply another extremity to it with noticeable force -- and to strip him of his committee assignments as soon as possible. Let him switch parties if he likes. He's useless and a disgrace as a Republican.
I can't remember being more furious at a Republican. I'm thinking I'm not alone.

Republican Senators on the Hot Seat

Bill Frist, Senate Majority Leader, will soon call for the Byrd option, which the MSM has chosen to call the nuclear option. This title story explains the politics of the whole thing.

The stakes couldn't be higher. This from Hugh Hewitt:

Senator Santorum began the program today, and the news was as bad as it gets. Do you have the votes to end the filibuster? "We're working on it." When will the vote occur? "Within a couple of months." Radioblogger will have a full transcript soon.

As soon as that phrase hit the airwaves the e-mail avalanche began and the angry calls have not let up. The Senate GOP is destroying itself, and it does not appear to be aware of the fact. They think they are losing a public relations war with the media elite when in fact they are losing something far more critical --the allegiance of their base.

What the Senators don't understand is that the Conservatives who voted them in to the majority aren't paying attention to the media elite. We are paying attention to the new media: Rush Limbaugh and his cohorts on talk radio, National Review, the Washington Times, and the blogs.

And meanwhile, RINO John McCain has decided to forget party loyalty (again) and side with the Democrats in order to get his blessing from Chris Matthews and the MSM. Again from the Hugh Hewitt site:
As for John McCain, who can say? I can only assume he has abandoned his presidential ambitions, and I hope MSM takes note that he is no longer a "maverick," but a rogue Republican. The filibuster issue is one on which the party has a right to expect loyalty, and it did not get it from John McCain. McCain may still run, and he may still raise a lot of money and expecations, but this decision destroys his chances.
This could well be the end of the Republican majority in the Senate. If the Senators refuse to listen to their base, they will lose the majority. Count on it. McCain is already toast. I'm hoping the rest of the Republican Senate doesn't go down with him.

A Conversation of Cardinals: Peggy Noonan

No one puts the coming debate of the Catholic conclave in better perspective than Peggy Noonan. A wonderful story.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Coming Home

If you read one link in the next week, let it be this one...

The Judicial Wars: The Shape of Things to Come

Confirm Them.com looks to be the site to go to for the latest information on the upcoming battle over Bush's judicial nominees. It's pretty obvious you aren't going to get this coverage from the MSM. So what else is new?

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

The Case For A Creator

The most readable book on Intelligent Design out there.  Through a series of interviews with incredibly well credentialed scientists, Lee Strobel examines the claims of Evolution, and the mounting evidence from astronomy, physics, and biology of a Designer, who is still active today. Before you decide this can't be true, and "everyone knows" evolutionary theory is true, ask yourself, "How do I know?" You may be surprised by the answer.

One More on The Bolton Hearings

Rich Lowry puts the Bolton Hearings in proper perspective:

The outraged-at-Bolton caucus has a problem, which is that anything Bolton has said about the U.N. appears mild given recent U.N. malfeasance. He never said that U.N. peacekeepers would rape children in the Congo. He never said the U.N. would engage in insider dealing to rip off its own Oil-for-Food program in Iraq. He never said the U.N. would institute what appears to be a cover-up of its Oil-for-Food wrongdoing. But this all happened, which is why even Kofi Annan says the U.N. needs a thorough overhaul.

Democrats who oppose Bolton are in effect more deliriously pro-U.N. than even the secretary general. Bolton has always said that the U.N. needs strong U.S. leadership in order to work as an institution. This is Bolton's key disagreement with those Democrats who are content to have the U.S. led by the nose by the lowest common denominator of recalcitrant foreign actors. This attitude is the international version of the old definition of a liberal as someone who won't take his own side in a fight.

Any wonder that Democrats keep losing elections?

Divorce and the Gay Marriage Debate

About the threat to marriage from divorce: Dennis Prager, in his logical, calm style, puts the argument in its place. Read the whole thing.

Heard much from Iraq Lately?

Have you noticed the news from Iraq is not the lead story anymore? David Limbaugh gives some compelling reasons why not.

Democrat Lies Part I: More Judicial Approvals Under Bush Than Clinton

The big battle of the next 2 years will be judicial nominations. The festivities over the prospective ambassador to the UN was just a warm up act.

One of the big lies of the Left is that Bush has had more Judicial Nominations approved than Clinton, or at least just as many. Scroll through this chart to see if that's correct. The Left must be using the same statistician that told us that the Schiavo case had been heard by 19 separate judges...

Therapy and Witchcraft

A story of the far Western Chicago suburbs. Sounds like she has a few more problems than just running a coven.

Here's a little more on the story.

Hypocrisy on Parade

Interesting who tends to bring up sexual orientation these days...
Former President Bill Clinton wasn't about to let just anybody attack his wife - especially a gay Republican operative.

Clinton fired back yesterday, suggesting that political consultant Arthur Finkelstein, who has launched a "Stop Her Now" campaign, is suffering from "self-loathing."

Let a conservative talk about gay "self-loathing" and see what a firestorm develops....

Monday, April 11, 2005

Michael Medved: More Than Just Movies.

I've had time to do alot of reading the past few months. Few books have been as memorable as this autobiography of Michael Medved. I thought I would get a good perspective on politics and culture.

I didn't expect a well-written course on Judaism to boot! I thought I had a good understanding of Jewish culture, thanks to friends like Jon and Dani. Right Turns helped me realize how much I didn't know, and gave me a new respect for "God's Chosen People."

Right Turns: Unconventional Lessons from a Controversial Life

If you have an interest in reading this book, click the link. It takes you to Amazon, which is always less expensive than driving to the bookstore.
I get a small piece of the profit s. I won't recommend a book just to make money, though. I firmly believe that books are far more powerful than armies. But like armies, they can be used for evil as well as good. My hope is to recommend uplifting books in a troubled time.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Tilting at very tiny windmills

I'm thinking this is a variation of the old angels dancing on a pin argument.
Gee, and I thought no one could read MY writing. :-)

Health Update

My triumphant return to work was short lived. A very bad asthma attack yesterday, after multiple less severe ones in previous days, have again laid me up. I'm now off to Loyola for tests and more evaluations to figure out exactly what the heck is wrong. Meanwhile, I'm home again, on long term disability.

My voice is pretty much gone, down to a whisper most of the time. Even if I felt like screaming, I couldn't. Sigh. The pulmonologist thinks these attacks are far more related to an upper airway problem than a lower one. Appears the Vocal Cord Disorder for me is far more severe than most folks. He said only a small percentage of people with this diagnosis have the severe problems I do. At least I live fairly close to Loyola, apparently one of the foremost research facilities on vocal cord disorders. I'll see the head of the department on April 25th.

I appreciate the prayers from all faiths. They mean alot to me. Meanwhile, the number of posts will likely go up, as the computer room in the basement remains the best place for me to breathe for some reason.

I'll let folks know the latest as it happens, both personally, and most especially, politically and culturally.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

The Shape of Things to Come: Judicial Tyranny

Get used to the phrase, "Judicial Tyranny." You will hear it alot from conservative circles in coming days. This letter from James Dobson to over a million Focus on the Family members is but an example of the coming deluge:

Thomas Jefferson warned repeatedly about the emergence of an out–of-control judiciary that would destroy the Constitution and, along with it, America's fundamental freedoms. He first became alarmed when, in 1803, the U. S. Supreme Court issued a landmark decision called Marbury v. Madison. It allowed the Justices to rule on the constitutionality of every legal issue, both inside and outside the government, giving themselves unrivaled imperial power. The concept of "checks and balances" that was intended to keep one branch from eclipsing the other two was no longer in force—at least not with regard to the judiciary. Thereafter, the President, the Congress, and the will of millions of American people have been subservient to the rulings of five imperious justices, along with numerous lower court judges, who continue to issue their decrees beyond the reach of any authority.

When Jefferson recognized the full implications of the Marbury decision, he wrote this prophetic statement: "It is a very dangerous doctrine to consider the judges as the ultimate arbiters of all constitutional questions. It is one which would place us under the despotism of an oligarchy." 18

BINGO! What we have today, 202 years later, is an oligarchy (rule by a small cadre of elites.) The courts simply strike down laws and policies they don't like, whether their opinions reflect the provisions of the Constitution or not. Furthermore, the activist judges and those who support them have turned the Constitution into what they call "a living, breathing document," in which its actual words no longer mean what they say. The Constitution "evolves," they tell us, to fit the biases of the court. Consequently, we no longer have a government "of the people, by the people and for the people," as Abraham Lincoln described it at Gettysburg. It is, instead—an oligarchy.

What started with the book Men in Black by Mark Levine reached a turning point with the arrogance of the Judiciary over Terri Schiavo. Judicial nominations are the next big political battleground.

One of the weapons you already hear the left using is to caution against violence. The idea is that somehow, by criticizing judges in any way, they will be more open to threats of bodily harm. Judges make hard decisions, many times against the worst criminals our society can create. They are already threatened by these creeps. To somehow move that to the idea that any criticism leaves judges open to violence is a stretch, and smacks of manipulation. It reminds me of the Left's attempt to capitalize on the Oklahoma City Bombing by somehow linking it to conservative talk radio. Didn't work then. Won't work now.

What Would Reagan Say?

A wonderful, imaginary conversation with Mr. Reagan, from one of his top former speechwriters.  Thanks to Laura Ingraham for this.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Experimenting with BlogWriter

This is a new WYSIWYG app to publish my posts. We'll see how well it works. It's supposed to be a great way to do book reviews. We'll see.  I'll use a the book I'm currently reading, Right Turns. . Through his autobiography, Medved shows how he goes from a far left liberal to an unabashed conservative.  Not the best review in the world, granted. But the purpose is to experiment with the BlogWriter app.

A Culture of Life: The End and the Beginning

Symptoms of attention deficit disorder include both inattentiveness and hyper-focusing, focusing on one thing to the exclusion of all other stimuli.

By that definition, modern journalism most certainly needs a good dose of ritalin.

Terri Schiavo is not yet buried; sorry, cremated, per her "husband's" wishes, and the MSM has already turned it's full hyper-focused attention to the death of John Paul II. I think it's worth taking a breath, and thinking about the past two weeks. Two weeks of waiting for a woman to die of dehydration and starvation, in the full glare of the cameras, despite many questions about her mental abilities, and her "husband's" motives in wanting her dead.

I think John Paul II would grieve were Terri's death to be completely overshadowed by his own.

Karol Wojtyla's Legacy

Though he took the name of John Paul II, the Pope is inextricably linked to his Polish roots. And linked to a time and threat we've somehow forgotten. He set his face against the Communist threat long before Ronald Reagan and Maggie Thatcher came on the scene.

And once the Cold War was won, the man set his face against the creeping liberalism threatening his Church:

We had our own disagreements with this pope, notably over America's efforts in Iraq in two wars. But even in disagreement we have always understood that this pope was no schizophrenic. It is possible, as many who otherwise admire him do, to disagree with Pope John Paul's teachings on marriage and homosexuality, on abortion, and so on. But it is impossible to understand him without conceding the coherency of his argument: that the attempt to liberate oneself from one's nature is the road to enslavement, not freedom.

In progressive circles in the West, religion in general and Christianity in particular tend to find themselves caricatured as a series of Thou Shalt Nots, particularly when they touch on human sexuality. But it is no coincidence that George Weigel entitled his biography of John Paul "Witness to Hope." For billions of people around the world--non-Catholics included--that's exactly what he was. Perhaps this explains why China, where only a tiny fraction of its people are Catholic, remained to the very end fearful of allowing a visit from this frail, physically suffering man, fearing what he might inspire.

We don't expect the secularalists who dominate our intelligentsia ever to understand how a man rooted in orthodox Christianity could ever reconcile himself with modernity, much less establish himself on the vanguard of world history. But many years ago, when the same question was put to France's Cardinal Lustiger by a reporter, he gave the answer. "You're confusing a modern man with an American liberal," the cardinal replied. It was a confusion that Pope John Paul II, may he rest in peace, never made.

I suspect the iron rulers of China remains fearful of this man's influence, even in death. He represents freedom for millions, both Catholic and non-Catholic. Many of us have disagreements with the Church. Few can disagree with the mpact this man's life has had on the world. He will be greatly missed.

A Culture of Life: A Day Late and a Dollar Short

Never did believe the polls saying Americans wanted her dead:

The Zogby poll found that, if a person becomes incapacitated and has not expressed their preference for medical treatment, as in Terri's case, 43 percent say "the law presume that the person wants to live, even if the person is receiving food and water through a tube" while just 30 percent disagree.

Another Zogby question his directly on Terri's circumstances.

"If a disabled person is not terminally ill, not in a coma, and not being kept alive on life support, and they have no written directive, should or should they not be denied food and water," the poll asked.

A whopping 79 percent said the patient should not have food and water taken away while just 9 percent said yes

The questions asked by the other polls smacked of push polls, desperately wanting a predetermined result. The above questions describes the true state Terri Schiavo was in when the feeding tube was pulled. How sad that this poll will be buried in the media's all consuming attention on another death.

Friday, April 01, 2005

National Security Advisor Pleads Guilty

We are about to enter a news cycle dominated by the death of John Paul II. It's appropriate that we honor the memory of this great man. But before we do, I want to make sure this story doesn't get lost.

WASHINGTON - Sandy Berger, who was President Clinton’s top national security aide, pleaded guilty Friday to taking classified documents from the National Archives and cutting them up with scissors.

Rather than the “honest mistake” he described last summer, Berger acknowledged to U.S. Magistrate Deborah Robinson that he intentionally took and deliberately destroyed three copies of the same document dealing with terror threats during the 2000 millennium celebration

Can you imagine what would happen in the MSM if this were a former Republican National Security Advisor stealing, then destroying classified documents? And don't you find it interesting that nowhere in this story is there information on what specifically was on those documents he cut up. Guess journalistic curiosity only extends so far...

A New Planet Photographed

Spectacular photo of a gas giant around another star. Someday, the technology may allow us to see another earthlike planet. Can't wait.