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Sunday, May 01, 2005


Jon and I have been blog partners for two years. He's been a good friend, and a great writer. He's brought humor, insight, and a different view of the world to Liberty Just in Case. In fact, he's the one who came up with the name for the site.

He continues to be a great friend, but will no longer be an active partner in Liberty. Here's why:
Blogs take time. News blogs take alot of time. Good news blogs like Liberty take an ungodly amount of time. It's not unusual to read 50 different editorials, articles etc, and out of those 50, only post one.

Jon is one of the best psycho-therapists I've ever known. And at a certain point, he had to make a choice as to where to put his talents to best use. I hate to lose him, but I think he's made the right choice. As Liberty Just in Case continues to grow, it will take more time than Jon can spend.

He will continue to use the comment section, and may even do a "guest blog" or two over the coming months. I'm hoping he will remain a part of the advisory committee for Liberty Just in Case, and keep me from steering the ship to far to the right...

Liberty Just in Case will be changing over the coming months, improving, growing. More on that in later posts. Jon will be a key part of making sure the site remains true to it's origins throughout that change. I will miss his Saturday posts very much.

Liberty will continue to be true to it's mission statement:
An ongoing dialogue about Politics, Culture, Religion and the Universe in general in the September 12th World.
The impact of September 11th continues to reverberate throughout our culture. Liberty will continue to bear witness to the impact of that day that changed us all.

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