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Thursday, April 21, 2005

What Makes Blogging Fun

There is no better place for the exchange of ideas, and at times even intelligent argument than the blogosphere.

One of my favorite bloggers is Joe, at The New Oklahoma Democrat. He did a post the other day that is well worth reading. It's a little like looking in a mirror, as his views are the polar opposite of my own.

I'm reminded of the old Star Trek Episode, Mirror, Mirror, where Kirk and company are transferred to another Universe, where they are the exact opposite of who they are in the "real" Universe. Just think, Joe. In that Universe, you are more conservative, more Republican, than I am. In that Universe, John Kerry may have even been coherent at times. :-) On the other hand, I shudder at who I would be in that Universe. To quote my 12 year old daughter, it's just icky....

Joe left a comment on Liberty, that doesn't make much sense unless you read his post, and my comment on it. The link to the post is here, and the comments are below:
I'm not sure where to begin on this one, Joe. Let's just deal with the whole Christian thing at the end.

Did God ever enter politics? Yep. The entire book of Judges is God choosing leaders of Israel. It was only when the Hebrews whined and moaned for a king that God gave them Saul. In many ways, Saul was the first political appointee.

Also, I am a Christian. Evangelical, to be exact, from a long line of Roosevelt Democrats. I've done alot of "soul-searching" about which party most aligns with my faith. It would be extremely difficult to remain in the Democrat Party, based on it's platform and agenda. That agenda is the reason you have lost the South, and are losing the Midwest. I would strongly recommend Mike Gegan's peice in the Boston Review on Monday. You can find the link on Liberty.

Finally, Republicans are not saying that Democrats hate Christians. That's a distortion, and something of a straw man. What we are saying is that folks like Chuck Schumer have said that if you have "strong beliefs", and are committed to those beliefs, you cannot be a judge. He said that during the Pryor hearings, in context referring to Pryor's Catholicism. Those same views, specifically pro-life, would preclude an Evangelical from holding a Federal Judgeship in Schumer's world. If you can say with straight face that Schumer does not speak for the left, let me know.

Last thing. I firmly agree with your assessment of Dean's plan to use the Schiavo case. It would be an immense miscalculation, and would confirm all the doubts about Dr. Dean's selection as DNC Chairman.

Gravatar My argument regarding politics was not regarding has God EVER been political but rather when did God come down and choose the Republicans. Given their track record, I find it impossible to believe he ever would do so. I will edit my statement to better reflect this point. Cheers!

Thank you for visiting Mark. My argument regarding politics was not regarding has God EVER been political but rather when did God come down and choose the Republicans. Given their track record, I find it impossible to believe he ever would do so. I edited the post to reflect my point. (Editor's Note: Dirty pool!!! Editing your post in response to an admittedly obnoxous reader ie. me negates the context of the comment, rendering it nonsensical. Of, course, some might say it was nonsensical in the first place, so who cares? Sigh) I completely understand your point first of all. Second, I disagree to a point. I understand that there are Democrats who are probably too secular. On the other hand, I also feel that too many Republican leaders are attempting to label the Party as anti-religious. Not all, by any means, but too many. In saying these things, I must also confess that I in turn could never be a Republican because I can't be involved with the Party that literally uses fear to win votes, is definitely on the side ofbig business and is definitely not the friend of the little man, based on their track record. We may be forced to agree to disagree, but I did want to clarify my point. Otherwise, wonderful response and yes my anger at Dean is growing as I stated. Cheers my friend!
Agreeing to disagree is becoming something of a habit for me here on Liberty.

As I said, the dialogue is what makes blogging fun. Once again, I find myself violating one of my Father's rules: "There are two things you should never discuss, Politics and Religion." Sorry Dad. Fortunately, he never heard of blogging before he passed on. Guess I dodged a bullet on that one...Sigh.

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