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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Only One Reason Democrats Are Now Willing to Compromise

Frist must have the votes among the linguini spined Senate Republicans. I'm hoping Frist read a bible during his teleconference on Sunday, especially the part about the compromise Pharoah wanted to give Moses in Exodus. Moses rejected it, knowing it would only lead to more slavery in the end. Here's hoping Frist can apply the lesson in the Senate.

The Not a Dime More movement is spreading, and nothing scares a politician more than having his money cut off. I'm not sure what internal polls the Republicans are looking at that show support failing. It does not appear to be failing among those who voted them in to office. But Senate Republicans have a history of not listening to anyone who actually voted for them. Guess they're too busy trying to find out what the New York Times and Washington Post think of them.

Maybe it really is something in the water....

An Update:

Looks like Dr. Senator Frist has the message.

But Frist, in a rare news conference conducted on the Senate floor, said he would not accept any deal that keeps his Republican majority from confirming judicial nominees that have been approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee.

"Are we going to step back from that principle? The answer to that is no," Frist said.

That means he and Reid are still at deadlock, because Democrats have said they would not accept any deals that would permanently ban them from blocking Bush's nominees to the Supreme Court or the federal appellate courts, the top two tiers of the judicial system.

Politics. Still my favorite spectator sport.

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