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Friday, April 01, 2005

National Security Advisor Pleads Guilty

We are about to enter a news cycle dominated by the death of John Paul II. It's appropriate that we honor the memory of this great man. But before we do, I want to make sure this story doesn't get lost.

WASHINGTON - Sandy Berger, who was President Clinton’s top national security aide, pleaded guilty Friday to taking classified documents from the National Archives and cutting them up with scissors.

Rather than the “honest mistake” he described last summer, Berger acknowledged to U.S. Magistrate Deborah Robinson that he intentionally took and deliberately destroyed three copies of the same document dealing with terror threats during the 2000 millennium celebration

Can you imagine what would happen in the MSM if this were a former Republican National Security Advisor stealing, then destroying classified documents? And don't you find it interesting that nowhere in this story is there information on what specifically was on those documents he cut up. Guess journalistic curiosity only extends so far...

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