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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The MSM Editorial Boards: This is Diversity?

Hugh Hewitt has a fascinating roundup of Editorial Opinion from the "great" newspapers around the country. He then asks some profound questions:
The refusal of even a single day's honeymoon for the new pope from the scribblers of the left tells us a lot about the folks who work on editorial boards, and also a lot about diversity in America's newsrooms. Are there even five traditional, Mass-attending and confession-going writers among the five editorial boards sampled above? Is there even one who would step forward to defend the Church's teaching on human dignity and sexuality? There are tens of millions of American Catholics full of joy at yesterday's news, but do they have any voice within elite MSM at all?
Is it any wonder that newspapers are experiencing massive drops in readership today? Or why the number of readers turning to the blogosphere is increasing exponentially?

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