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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Of Bars and Blogs

Most people have an idea of the perfect bar, even those of us who don't drink. Maybe for you, it's Cheers, "where everybody knows your name." Maybe your bar is your local church, and you drink grape juice instead of wine at communion. Whatever, everyone has a favorite fantasy bar.
For me, it's Callahan's, created by Spider Robinson. A cozy place, off the beaten path. No loud music, light where it needs to be, and shadows where appropriate. Those who need the place, find it. And anything can, and frequently does, happen.
The Callahan Chronicals

Running Liberty Just in Case is alot like running a neighborhood bar. You have your regulars, that keep you writing, and you have your occasionals, that pop in for a look, then move on. A percentage of them become regulars over time. You also have your trolls that need to be kicked out by the bouncers once in a while.
Like bars, it works best if you are a night owl, as much of the best stuff to serve your patrons can be had after the mainstream media goes to bed. But it's also important to serve breakfast, for those who need a quick jolt before starting the day. (Hello Patricia)
Bars serve an important public service, and it has very little to do with alcohol. Humans don't do well as loners, for the most part. Like elephants, lone, isolated humans can quickly become rogue. Even when we are alone, we still talk to ourselves. I think blogs function in much the same way. They allow people to come together, and like the best bars, with some degree of anonymity. People only know what you choose to reveal. Therein lies safety.
So, pull up a chair, and let's talk. Don't worry, the bouncers are close by to kick out the trolls, once they show themselves. The bouncers are slow to act, and are gentle souls. They want to give a troll every chance to be human. Some can. When they can't, they usually move on to the next bar, until they find themselves with their own kind on the other side of the tracks. If they can't move on voluntarily, a house rule at Liberty Just in Case is that they are pushed, and the door is locked behind them. Like Callahan, I keep a baseball bat behind the counter, right next to the shotgun.

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