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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Health Update

My triumphant return to work was short lived. A very bad asthma attack yesterday, after multiple less severe ones in previous days, have again laid me up. I'm now off to Loyola for tests and more evaluations to figure out exactly what the heck is wrong. Meanwhile, I'm home again, on long term disability.

My voice is pretty much gone, down to a whisper most of the time. Even if I felt like screaming, I couldn't. Sigh. The pulmonologist thinks these attacks are far more related to an upper airway problem than a lower one. Appears the Vocal Cord Disorder for me is far more severe than most folks. He said only a small percentage of people with this diagnosis have the severe problems I do. At least I live fairly close to Loyola, apparently one of the foremost research facilities on vocal cord disorders. I'll see the head of the department on April 25th.

I appreciate the prayers from all faiths. They mean alot to me. Meanwhile, the number of posts will likely go up, as the computer room in the basement remains the best place for me to breathe for some reason.

I'll let folks know the latest as it happens, both personally, and most especially, politically and culturally.

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