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Monday, April 18, 2005

Dancing to Strauss: A Leftist Canard

Joe over at The New Oklahoma Democrat threw me a curve today. I've been reading conservative material for a long time, and never came across the name of Leo Strauss. Yet, according to Joe, Professor Strauss is the "Father of the Neo-Cons." This link helps put the argument in some perspective. Here's another great link on the same topic from The Politic.
So, what happens when you do a Google search with the words Wolfowitz and Strauss?


Now I'm no rocket scientist, just a guy from a little town in Oklahoma transplanted to the frozen north of Chicago, but it sure looks like much of the alleged Straussian influence comes from lefty sites, or sites repeating the same stuff. I'm open to being wrong here, and really am not sure I care. But I've spent some time on this , so thought I'd share what I found. I'm expecting Joe to correct me on the above. If so, I'll prominently post how wrong I am.

By the way, hop over to Joe's site for a view on politics completely different from my own. It's a great site, and well worth bookmarking.

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