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Monday, November 01, 2004

Red And Blue States: The Enemy's View

I wondered about this from UBL when the tape came out, but figured "state" surely meant "nation." Apparently not.

The respected Middle East Media Research Institute, which monitors and translates Arabic media and Internet sites, said initial translations of a key portion of bin Laden's video rant to the American people Friday night missed an ostentatious bid by the Saudi-born terror master to divide American voters and tilt the election towards Democratic challenger John Kerry.

MEMRI said radical Islamist commentators monitored over the Internet this past weekend also interpreted the key passage of bin Laden's diatribe to mean that any U.S. state that votes to elect Bush on Tuesday will be considered an "enemy" and any state that votes for Kerry has "chosen to make peace with us."

The peice goes on to explain the arabic term used by the evil one, and if the interpretation is correct, does bring the terrorists down on the side of one candidate. Only the Red states will be attacked. The appeasement states will be left alone. Remember: Ten out of ten terrorists agree: Anyone But Bush.

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