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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

No links, no pundits, and for Goodness sake, no polls.
The only poll that counts is today.
If you've followed this blog for long, you know where I stand. I firmly believe this is the most important election in a generation or more, and will determine the future of this nation.
So, go vote.
Vote your values.
Vote your security.
Remember 9/11/01.
Vote accordingly.
And at the risk of being accused of a cliche:
God Bless America.

One more thing:
I'll be blogging intermittently as the results come in tonight. One of the joys of the many steroids I'm currently taking for my asthma is insomnia. Hopefully it'll be an early night, a Republican win across the board, and I can concentrate on my new Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator program I got this week. Still haven't figured out how to land that darned P-51 Mustang with only 4 gallons of gas..... stay tuned.


  1. Anonymous1:02 AM

    my personal opinion is that if americans really knew their God, they certainly have read about the following bible verses:

    John 8: 1 - 11
    Matthew 5: 43 - 48

    and understand their meaning. no one expect americans are all sanits, at least they should show their traits as God's son and daughters.

  2. Couldn't agree more, anonymous. And thanks for stopping by Liberty Just in Case.

  3. Mark, Thank you for your opinion too! I dropped by your blog and suddenly wanted to share some of my thoughts. In fact, to many people, it is very difficult to understand the position and the mentality of US who owns the most advanced technology and weapons. People have right to protect themselves, but according to my knowledge on history, many US policy are just plain wrong.
    For example, the US policy on Iran a few decades ago and the US position on Israel-Palestinian conflict. I believe there are ways to soften the conflicts provided we respect each other.

  4. Thanks Terrence. Yes, there are policies that the US has had that are wrong. But you won't find many countries in history that have actually gotten it right so many times. Western Europe and Japan are great examples of the US getting it right. We aren't ancient Rome, though that comparison has been made. It's a shallow comparison. We don't conquer countries. Afghanistan and Iraq are perfect examples. If we were conquerors, there would have been no voting in Afganistan, and would be no plans for it in January, despite the terrorist best effors to prevent it.

  5. Some pundit claimed those calling themselves undecided were merely attention seeking. But I was truly undecided. I do not think Bush is a good president but Kerry was not convincing me that he was going to be better. And I have real issue with malpractice lawyers. I was looking through some of your past posting and came accross something that tipped the balance. Space.

  6. Thanks Tim. That's the kind of feedback that keeps me blogging between breathing treatments. I liked that post too, and haven't seen too many articles like it. As you know, the manned space program is a priority for me. I do think you make the right choice.

  7. Keep breathing, keep well, and keep up the steriod treatments and maybe someday you can be governor of Calif.