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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Outrage I: The Laws of War

In Fallujah, a marine killed a terrorist who was apparently faking being dead. The marine had just been shot in the face the day before by a terrorist. He had witnessed, or at least heard about, other marines being injured or killed by booby trapped bodies. And he made a decision based on that.

The MSM lost the election. They went from their wonderful tracking polls showing Kerry winning in a landslide, to watching Condi Rice nominated for Secretary of State. They did everything they could to turn Iraq into Vietnam, and failed. And they've made a decision based on that.

They will seek to turn this incident into Abu Ghraib, regardless of the actual facts of the case. Is it any wonder people are turning off their TVs and turning on the blogs for information and analysis?

An Update:
I'm not a big Michael Savage fan. But tonight he said some things I firmly agree with. The soldier who shot the terrorist very likely does not need to stand trial. And the President needs to stand up and say so. His leadership is needed to quell the MSM feeding frenzy. This time, the MSM is feeding on a young Marine doing his job, killing terrorists.

We are at war. I think most Americans do not have the knowledge of history to fully understand what that means. Understanding World War II, especially the Pacific war, may help. The Japanese were vicious enemies. It was not unusual for a wounded Japanese soldier to shoot the American medic who came to help him. Per Michael Savage, an order went out to shoot Japanese wounded before touching them, due to the number of Americans killed by "wounded" Japanese soldiers.

We face the same thing in Iraq, and will face this on other fronts in World War IV. WW II was Total War. We have yet to come to grips with the idea that WWIV must also be Total War if we are to win.

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