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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

To Close to Call

Above from Yahoo is a great way to follow this long evening on the internet.
A couple of obvservations as we are early into the evening:
The media is playing this the way they said it, conservatively.
Don't get freaked out when they say a state is too close to call.
Just remember Florida in 2000. No network wants to screw that up again.
Look at the raw numbers in the link.
And take a deep breath.
It's gonna be a long night.

10:00 CST
So far Kerry hasn't made any gains over the results of 2000. Pennsylvania is a disappointment, but not a surprise.
A Media Critique:
Brit Hume and company on Fox just seem bored. They make me feel bored watching them.
I am very tired staring at the back of Larry King's head on CNN.
Just like the conventions, I find myself drawn to MSNBC as the most exciting coverage. I think I watch Chris Matthews for the same reason I watch auto racing. It's exciting, but what I'm really waiting for is the next crash and burn. So far, The Screamer has come close with Joe Scarborough, but he hasn't fallen off the track like he did with Zell Miller earlier this year.
Still gonna be a long night. But I'm feeling optimistic about Ohio and Florida and Michigan and Wisconsin and Colorado and .... you get the idea.

10:20 PM CST
There is no better site for the Dascle-Thune battle in South Dakota than here. As of right now, Thune is ahead as the counting heads toward friendly Republican counties. This has the glimmerings of a very, very good evening for Republicans.

10:45 PM CST
Florida goes to the President. He is now 33 votes away. Republicans are picking up seats in the House and the Senate. It's still not over, but looking hopeful.
Media Update:
The Screamer almost drove his little wagon right off the tracks a few minutes ago. He wanted to make the thesis that if Bush won by a close margin, it would encourage the terrorists somehow. Even Ron Reagan couldn't agree with this one, thank God.

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