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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Secession Threats From Democrats: Reprise

Some Democrats are talking secession again. Powerline gives a great run down on the arguments. Here's my favorite line:

Yesterday Rocket Man discussed Lawrence O'Donnell's support of red-state secession as an alternative to the Union with the blue states. The other Democratic alternatives discussed in Rocket Man's post ("Democrats ponder alternatives: Vote suppression, secession, and assassination") included disenfranchisement of the unenlightened and assassination of the president. Together these alternatives suggest that the Democrats are thinking their way back to their roots as the party of John Calhoun and the Confederacy, if not of the Klu Klux Klan and John Wilkes Booth.

There's a kind of logic to the talk of secession by Democrats. Their creed on abortion has evolved in much the manner that the Southern Democrats' creed on slavery evolved, an evolution culminating in the doctrine that race-based chattel slavery is a positive good. By the same token, the Democrats have come to support abortion as the moral equivalent of a positive good -- any measure that might tend to lessen its incidence is reviled.

Once again Democrats are arguing themselves into a corner about the nature of being human. They were wrong in the 1850's, and they are wrong now.


  1. We Won the War.

    We'll win again.

  2. Based on reading your blog, Ian, I assume the "we" you are referring to are Democrats. Hate to break it to ya, buddy, but you lost...badly. Appomattox ring a bell?