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Saturday, October 30, 2004

Alternative Histories: Blogging: April 1944

A Post just in from somewhere in the Multiverse:

Everyone knows we aren't really winnng these wars with Germany and Japan. Oh, we've made some gains against the Axis of evil, but it's been 3 years, and we STILL haven't caught the bad guys who did this to us. Hitler is still sending out his propaganda, and he isn't even the one who REALLY attacked us, after all. The links between Germany and Japan have been exaggerated by this administation, to say the least. And why are we attacking Italy? Mussolini doesn't even have an army to speak of, and has never been a direct an imminent threat to this country. This President's stubborness and misjudgement in going after Germany and Italy rather than the REAL enemy, Tojo and Japan, have led us to this quagmire. And, Roosevelt obviously has no real plan for peace. Eveyone know that. It's obvious he's seeking to make this some kind of World War in order to make good his cousin Teddy's failed legacy. Everyone know that.

And look at our losses. Thousands of sons and fathers dead. And for what? We are still bottled up in England, for God's sake. And the British, and that incompetent drunk Churchill appear to be our only real allies. Oh, some small countries have joined us, due to our coercion and bribery, but the bulk of the money and the dying are coming from the United States. Everyone knows that.

That's why Roosevelt really should not be reelected. The man really is incompetent. We won't even get in to his abysmal jobs record, or the burgeoning Federal Deficit. My God, we were attacked at Pearl Harbor 3 years ago! And, he was allying with Stalin, after all. Certainly he can't be trusted to bring the war to a decent conclusion after allying with a known war criminal. And that new running mate of his! What's his name, Truman? Good Lord. What does that say about Roosevelt's judgement.

And our candidate knows how to win a war, having spent 4 months in the trenches in Belgium. Eveyone KNOWS those Trench Soldiers for Truth are all lying. Even after our candidate clarified that he did not spend Christmas with the Kaiser in 1917, but was CLOSE to Germany. Even then these 160 men won't leave him alone.

Support our Troops. And remember what our Candidate has said in battleground states from Wisconsin to Iowa to his home state of Massachussetts, Help IS on The Way. Any One But Roosevelt in '44.

The universes connect in odd ways, don't they?

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