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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Death of a Terrorist

For the first time in a long time, I stopped watching FoxNews tonight. I just can't stomach the video of Yasser Arafat being played over and over. At least Fox hasn't provided the aura of stateman that CNN and MSNBC are giving the terrorist's death. Next to UBL, no terrorist has more blood on his hands, or deserves hell so much. Good riddance. Perhaps his removal will bring the Palestinians to their senses. I doubt it, but perhaps.

An Update:
An Appropriate Eulogy For Arafat:

In a better world, the PLO chief would have met his end on a gallows, hanged for mass murder much as the Nazi chiefs were hanged at Nuremberg. In a better world, the French president would not have paid a visit to the bedside of such a monster. In a better world, George Bush would not have said, on hearing the first reports that Arafat had died, "God bless his soul."

God bless his soul? What a grotesque idea! Bless the soul of the man who brought modern terrorism to the world? Who sent his agents to slaughter athletes at the Olympics, blow airliners out of the sky, bomb schools and pizzerias, machine-gun passengers in airline terminals? Who lied, cheated, and stole without compunction? Who inculcated the vilest culture of Jew-hatred since the Third Reich? Human beings might stoop to bless a creature so evil -- as indeed Arafat was blessed, with money, deference, even a Nobel Prize -- but God, I am quite sure, will damn him for eternity.

And this:

How is it possible to reflect on Arafat's most enduring legacy -- the rise of modern terrorism -- without recalling the legions of men, women, and children whose lives he and his followers destroyed? If Osama bin Laden were on his deathbed, would we neglect to mention all those he murdered on 9/11?

It would take an encyclopedia to catalog all of the evil Arafat committed. But that is no excuse for not trying to recall at least some of it.

Perhaps his signal contribution to the practice of political terror was the introduction of warfare against children. On one black date in May 1974, three PLO terrorists slipped from Lebanon into the northern Israeli town of Ma'alot. They murdered two parents and a child whom they found at home, then seized a local school, taking more than 100 boys and girls hostage and threatening to kill them unless a number of imprisoned terrorists were released. When Israeli troops attempted a rescue, the terrorists exploded hand grenades and opened fire on the students. By the time the horror ended, 25 people were dead; 21 of them were children.

Thirty years later, no one speaks of Ma'alot anymore. The dead children have been forgotten. Everyone knows Arafat's name, but who ever recalls the names of his victims?

So let us recall them: Ilana Turgeman. Rachel Aputa. Yocheved Mazoz. Sarah Ben-Shim'on. Yona Sabag. Yafa Cohen. Shoshana Cohen. Michal Sitrok. Malka Amrosy. Aviva Saada. Yocheved Diyi. Yaakov Levi. Yaakov Kabla. Rina Cohen. Ilana Ne'eman. Sarah Madar. Tamar Dahan. Sarah Soper. Lili Morad. David Madar. Yehudit Madar. The 21 dead children of Ma'alot -- 21 of the thousands of who died at Arafat's command.

Thank you, Boston Globe, for having the courage to print the truth amongst the lies.


  1. I just can't help myself -

    Yassar - he finally died!

    Ugh, I know it was such a bad pun, but hey, how often will a situation like that present itself?

    Meanwhile, he's having a discussion with my employer (you know, the BIG GUY) - Yassar keeps asking about community service. We don't have that up here.

  2. While I cannot imagine that Yassir will "rest in peace," don't be too hard on Dubya for the "God bless his soul" comment. A true follower of Jesus is supposed to pray for his enemies (and persecutors) even when it leaves a foul taste on the tongue to do so. It's one of the key differences that is supposed to distinguish a practicing Christian from a fundamental Islamic. Notice that the rest of the president's statement was pretty matter-of-fact with no bouquets tossed Yassir's way.

  3. Michael, you have the sense of humor of an angel.
    On another note:
    You're right, Dave. Guess the Boston Globe can't even do a good editorial without somehow taking a shot at the President.