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Sunday, November 07, 2004

Election Reflections: A Bridge to Far

It's taken several days to read and digest all the post election info. The fact that President Bush made up 7.2 million votes since 2000 is really quite remarkable, and is evidence of the significant shift of the 2004 election.
A couple of reflections:
First, the President did win the election 4 years ago. Despite all the hysteria, he did win. The press consortium of The New York Times, Washington Post and the Miami Herald counted the votes in Florida several different ways, including the goofy ways the Gore people wanted.
Bush won.
Every time.
It's time for the left to recognize that fact.
Continuing to harp on “the stolen election” of 2000 is offensive to the millions of voters who did vote for President Bush both times, and part of the backlash that turned out additional millions this time around.
Despite the MSM, the University elites, and many mainstream churches, the left is losing the culture wars, even in the blue states.

The votes that occurred in the 11 states were not about intolerance. There has never been a time in this country when gays were more accepted, even in the "red" states, and in spite of the radical left of the gay movement exhibited in the "gay pride" parades. The anxiety was not a result of a belief that homosexual behavior is sinful, though many, including myself, believe it is. The fear is a reaction to having a core sacrament threatened, that of marriage itself.

The votes in all 11 states was a reaction to what happened in Massachusetts and San Fransisco. Yes, some went beyond marriage to outlaw civil unions, which I personally support. But the anxiety came from millions of people feeling powerless and threatened by a radical idea they do not agree with. These voters have soundly stated they refuse to be dictated to by appointed judges and left coast mayors who do not share their values.

Marriage has been seen for centuries as a union, emotionally, physically, and spiritually, between to opposites, a man and a woman. If the gay movement wishes to challenge this, they must do it in the court of public opinion. To do so in any other court threatens my right to equal protection, and displays the very intolerance so often used as a club to beat Evangelicals and others who do not share the gay agenda. Pushing the agenda through judicial fiat truly is going a bridge to far.

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