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Friday, October 22, 2004

The Pessimism Has Creeped In

The weather here in Northern Illinois is dark and gloomy, with a prediction of severe storms later today. That could just as easily describe my feelings about the coming election. I can't shake the feeling that John Kerry will be our next President, despite all Mr. Bush has done. And I firmly believe this will trigger severe storms throughout our world.

I have no faith or trust in John Kerry. He turns with every political gust, with no anchor save one. He's a globalist. He has shown, again and again, that he trusts the "international community" more than he does the People of the United States. And he has shown a deep distrust of all things military. This would be a disaster to the current war.

His election would be a change of Presidents in the midst of a global war, and I firmly believe would signal to the Islamo-Fascists a renewed optimism. His law enforcement approach to terrorism would be a return to September 10th. And I fear, on this dark and gloomy day, that this nation may not survive another September 11th.

Hopefully, the clouds will lift, as will my mood. To awaken on November 3rd to President Kerry would be the beginning of storms for all of us.

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