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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Report From The People's Republic of Illinois

I admit it. I'm one of those rock solid conservatives in Illinois who has stayed away from Alan Keyes. I've got a Denny Hastert on the car, and a Bush screensaver on my computer. But I haven't put my Keyes for Senate bumper sticker anywhere..yet.

That may change after being one of the few who found, and actually listened to the first debate between Alan Keyes and Barack Obama. You too can be one of the 4 or 5 people who actually found the debate last night by clicking the link.

Truth is, Keyes ran circles around Barack Obama. From farming to transportation to national defense, Obama simply didn't measure up. I'm thinking he's been believing his own press releases.

Yes, Alan Keyes is an outsider. But he had Illinois issues down cold. He spoke eloquently, and perhaps more important, reasonably, about the need for a third airport. His command of the facts included knowing more about the Rockford airport than Obama or the local media asking the questions.

Take a listen to the debate. Or better yet, listen to the next one on 10/21/04 if you can find it. But don't write off Alan Keyes just yet. Though Judy Barr Topinka , the supposed head of the Illinois Republican Party has done everything in her power to sabotage his candidacy, Keyes support downstate appears to be growing. Perhaps not enough to win, but enough to make it interesting, and perhaps allow Conservatives to take back the Republican Party.

Mr. Obama's stand on issues has not been explored, in part due to the lack of support from Illinois Republican leaders. This site is a beginning.

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