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Friday, October 29, 2004

Space Exploration: Who Will Take the Lead

Yet one more reason to vote for the President this Tuesday:
John Kerry’s sensibility is mostly against the human exploration of the solar system. His votes on space exploration have been, almost consistently, negative. His hostility towards the space shuttle and the International Space Station are just one indicator of how he feels about the whole idea of human exploration and colonization of the solar system. His record on space issues tracks closely with that of the senior Senator from Massachusetts, Ted Kennedy, who may be America’s single most anti-space politician since Bill Proxmire.
This article continues with a detailed look at the President's record on Space Exploration over the past 4 years. Unlike many presidents, including his own father, Bush's promises regarding the Moon and Mars have quietly been taking shape in realistic ways.

On the other hand, Kerry's record once again betrays him.

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