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Monday, October 04, 2004

What Did Kerry Really Say?

Maybe it was the anesthesia from the medical tests I had the day of the debates. Maybe I was simply swayed by President Bush's poor performance visually, and Kerry's style. Regardless, I've had time to actually look at what Kerry said, and its scary. Barbara Stock gives a great blow by blow on what Kerry said. No wonder the President was irritated. Had I been less drugged, I would have been too...

This entire 90 minute debate comes down to one question: Which man will protect the United States and the American people to the best of his ability? John Kerry will heavily consult world leaders for their acceptance. He will seek assistance from the United Nations and trust it to actually support the United States, something it rarely does.
President Bush realizes that sometimes you have to take control of your own future. The war on terror is not new. It started in the 1970s in Iran. Its very possible that it will end in Iran. John Kerry and the European Union want to give the Islamic fundamentalist leaders of Iran a loaded gun in the form of nuclear fuel. George Bush does not. That was tried in North Korea by another Democratic president. I think history shows clearly that this kind of ''diplomacy'' doesnt work.
Putting it in common terms, if you had an unarmed murderer in front of you, would you hand him the gun to kill you and then hope he doesnt use it? America, lets use some common sense. You dont arm the enemy and you dont seek the worlds permission to defend yourself. Looking good standing behind a podium has little to do with making a good commander in chief. It really is that simple.

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