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Thursday, October 14, 2004

A Bush Win, Barely

By far the best debate for the President. Kerry appeared defensive throughout the debate, and absolutely incoherent on questions of faith, abortion and gay marriage. Bob Sheiffer's question about Catholic Bishops was one of the best of the three debates.
And Kerry had no answer. I've got to read the transcript later to figure out what he did say, but it was obvious he was fumbling the response. It's great that he was an altar boy. Rumor has it he also served in Vietnam for a few months, but it really doesn't explain why he votes in favor of the extremist position of killing babies about to be born, or why Catholic Bishops would recommend voting against the first Catholic nominee for President in a generation. And on questions of faith, Mr. Kerry looked puzzled. You could almost see the spin wheels turning, knowing he must say something profound, but simply couldn't find it.

Bush was clear, and at times positively wonkish. A good performance overall. The halting, tired look of the first debate is gone. Makes you wonder what was going on that night? Last night he was clear and open, especially when explaining his education programs. You can tell these are close to his heart, as are tax cuts. Bush can be quite eloquent when discussing his core beliefs, and stands in sharp contrast to Kerry, who again appears to have few if any core values, except the ambition to get elected.

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