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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

A Look at Bruce Spingsteen

A look at the reaction to Bruces move from political to partisanship.
Jackory, take note. Good article, you may want to follow up. This certainly falls more in your expertise than mine.
UpDate From Jackory
Very much worth reading. A well balanced critique from an expert in all things musical.


  1. Thanks, Mark, for the link.
    I am disappointed that Springsteen has chosen to alienate so many of his fans by throwing such high profile support behind Kerry.
    I wrote down some opinions and posted them to the RSdotcom Champions Music Club blog. Anyone interested in them is directed to that blog...
    PS...My positive thoughts and heart-felt prayers are with you in your on-going battle with asthma.

  2. I think it is a sad statement that in the minds of many liberal-thinking entertainers that President Bush is so horrible that they must act, and act by risking their reputations by going partisan and supporting John Kerry as publicly as they can.