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Saturday, September 04, 2004

Fighting The Last War: Random Thoughts.
The fact that Kerry has voted for Pentagon appropriations lately does not fill me with great confidence. His voting pattern is dovish in time of war. Had his judgment been followed, we would not now have the very systems that are helping win the war.
Also, I'm losing respect for FactCheck.org by the day.
A quick glance at the site shows far more stories "checking facts" in defense of John Kerry than Mr. Bush.
One more thing.
The left is making a big deal out of Mr. Bush saying he "miscalculated."
Has anyone bothered to hear what they miscalulated?
Mr. Bush says the administration miscalculated how easy it was for our armed forces to slice through the conventional forces of Iraq.
The left was full of pessimism, predicting thousands of American dead, and weeks of horrible battle.
Didn't happen.
If one must make a miscalculation, The Bush administration chose the right one.

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