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Saturday, September 18, 2004

A Cure For the Pessimism

So, why do I do this to myself?!?!?
Six o'clock Saturday evening, the kids are playng with friends, and I've watched a very good Fox News Watch on the whole Rathergate mess. I've already heard all the hurricane damage I can stand, so I start flipping channels.
And decide to watch The Capitol Gang, on CNN.
Why do I do this to myself?
Mark Shields and Al Hunt and Margaret Carlson.
Talk about Lion and Tigers and Bears oh my!
And throw in the old warhorse Robert Novak as the token conservative, though I find him almost as unreliable as Tucker Carlson, the bow-tie boy.
Their victim, er I mean guest, was Roy Blount, the House Majority Whip.
Should've turned it off when Al Hunt started talking about how much worse Iraq was then Vietnam.
Should've turned it off when Margaret Carlson started talking about how EVERYONE knows Bush lied, and the Swift Boat Vets lied, and Cheney lied. (Though apparently Dan Rather was simply duped, and John Kerry most assuredly didn't lie.)
And EVERYONE knows "Daddy Bush" used influence to get George in the National Guard.
Should've turned it off when Novak begins talking about how we need to get out of Iraq, you know,
the "exit strategy."

But I didn't.
I just sat there, pretty much the same as Representative Blount.
The only time he actually spoke directly to Al Hunt was once.
He asked Al Hunt, how do you know Bush got special treatment.
There was never an answer.
There never is.
The left throws out accusations quickly, "assault weapon" fashion.
They believe that if they repeat a statement often enough, it must be true.
The lessons were learned during the impeachment of Clinton.
Starr is evil.
Great Right Wing Conspiracy.
It's just about sex.
Personal Character isn't important to the presidency.

And it seemed to work, in the 90's.
Before 9/11/01
Before the rise of the alternative media.
Before the blogosphere.
When the ratings for Dan Rather, Tom Brokaw, and Peter Jennings were in double digits.

Now, the lies simply don't fly anymore.
There are enough of us out here to take one or two statements and rip it apart.
And more importantly, to disseminate the information across the web in seconds.

That's a part of the Media earthquake that has occurred in the past few weeks.
The Capitol Gang used to be all there was.
Now, its hardly there at all......

The Belmont Club is required reading today, folks
As is this from Victor Davis Hanson, on the stupidity of "exit strategy" talk.

It is always difficult for those involved to determine the pulse of any ongoing war. The last 90 days in the Pacific theater were among the most costly of World War II, as we incurred 50,000 casualties on Okinawa just weeks before the Japanese collapse. December 1944 and January 1945 were the worst months for the American army in Europe, bled white repelling Hitler's last gasp in the Battle of the Bulge. Contemporaries shuddered, after observing those killing fields, that the war would go on for years more. The summer of 1864 convinced many that Grant and Lincoln were losers, and that McClellan alone could end the conflict by what would amount to a negotiated surrender of Northern war aims.

It is true that parts of Iraq are unsafe and that terrorists are flowing into the country; but there is no doubt that the removal of Saddam Hussein is bringing matters to a head. Islamic fascists are now fighting openly and losing battles, and are increasingly desperate as they realize the democratization process slowly grinds ahead leaving them and what they have to offer by the wayside. Iran, Syria, Lebanon, and others must send aid to the terrorists and stealthy warriors into Iraq, for the battle is not just for Baghdad but for their futures as well. The world's attention is turning to Syria's occupation of Lebanon and Iran's nukes, a new scrutiny predicated on American initiatives and persistence, and easily evaporated by a withdrawal from Iraq. So by taking the fight to the heart of darkness in Saddam's realm, we have opened the climactic phase of the war, and thereupon can either win or lose far more than Iraq.

The world grasps this, and thus slowly is waking up and starting to see that if it walks and sounds like an Islamic fascist — whether in Russia, Spain, Istanbul, Israel, Iraq, or India — it really is an Islamic fascist, with the now-familiar odious signature of car bombings, suicide belts, and incoherent communiqu├ęs mixed with self-pity and passive-aggressive bluster.

For all these reasons and more, something like "See ya, wouldn't want to be ya" is the absolute worst prescription for Iraq — both for America and those Iraqis who are counting on us in their historic efforts to reclaim their country from barbarism. Amid the daily car bombings in Iraq, murder in Russia, and slaughter in the Middle East, we cannot see much hope — but it is there, and we are winning on a variety of fronts as the world continues to shrink for the Islamic fascist and those who would abet him.


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