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Thursday, September 30, 2004

A Personal Note

I don't often talk about myself. I find those blogs that do boring. But I also know that alot of friends and family read Liberty, and know of my health problems of late. So, a short update:
The asthma that has kept me off work for a month continues, lessening only slightly. I had two tests today at Northwestern Medical Center. The thought is that GERD is causing the frequent asthma attacks, and if that can be controlled, the asthma will lessen as well. This may require surgery, but we'll see. I see my pulmonologist tomorrow morning. He too is a frequent reader of Liberty. At this point, the asthma is intermittent, and I never know what will set it off. My diet has become quite restricted. No coffee. period. sigh.

Lots of fish, lots of chicken. No spicy foods. No alcohol. Nada.
This rules out my favorite Mexican restaraunts. Double sigh.
And Tony, it may limit our trips to the hotel for the marvelous chinese stir fry as well.

I hope to be back to work soon, but am really not sure when that will be. I have to get that asthma under control first. I appreciate the prayers, folks. Keep 'em up.

Now back to the important stuff that keeps folks coming back to Liberty Just in Case.

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