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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

NASA Transfers X-37 to Unidentified U.S. Agency

Now this is interesting, and more than a little troubling. Guess I've been listening to Coast to Coast AM too much during my convalescence....

WASHINGTON — NASA has transferred its X-37 technology demonstration
program to an unidentified U.S. government agency that plans to go ahead
with atmospheric drop tests of the prototype space plane next year.

NASA spokesman Michael Braukus said Sept. 13 the U.S. space agency
would remain involved in the X-37 program, but would no longer run the show.
The lead, he said, has been given to a government agency that for now NASA is not permitted to name.

"The government entity is classified," Braukus said. "We will be able to acknowledge who that partner is when they give us permission."
Braukus said he expected to receive that permission soon.

Now, the obvious answer is this has been moved into the military end of things.
Here's the story from DesertNews, the original source.

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