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Friday, September 24, 2004

Katie Couric Doesn't Get The Answer She Wanted

From NewsMax:
America's morning TV sweetheart, Katie Couric, wasted no time on Wednesday trying to turn the beheading of Americans in Iraq into political ammunition - asking the brother of executed hostage Jack Hensley if he still supported the war.

"Well, how do you feel about the war in Iraq at this point?" the "Today" host asked Ty Hensley, after having him describe the devastating impact of his brother's murder just hours before.

Much to Couric's chagrin, however, Hensley didn't rise to the bait. Instead he told "Today":
"At this point, I want our servicemen, I want them to come back alive. But I don't want - and I believe - my brother's told me about so many good people in Iraq. I want to continue to try to help these people to get on their feet."

"This is something that has happened to the United States - they've experienced recently," Hensley continued. "However, the Iraqi people have been having these things going on for hundreds of years by these evil people."

Oops. One should always know the answer before asking a question when one has an agenda.

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