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Saturday, September 11, 2004

Trouble Keeping Up With Mr. Kerry

The RNC is spending alot of money revising it's ads in order to keep up with Mr. Kerry's various "nuanced" positions on Iraq.

T he Republican National Committee may be in big trouble. The RNC, you see, put video out chronicling John Kerry's many positions on Iraq over time -- the flips and the flops, the zigs and the zags, the waffles.

The GOP put out the 11-minute video (www.kerryoniraq.com) during the Democratic convention . . . and had to go back to the editing room after Boston when Kerry said he would still vote for the war knowing what he knows now. Then, the RNC reissued a 12-minute Kerry-on-Iraq video . . . and Kerry changed his position once again. On Monday, he said, "It's the wrong war in the wrong place at the wrong time."

At this rate, the RNC may go broke having to edit and re-edit its devastating Kerry video over the next months.

Not sure this is the strategy Carville, Begala and the boys had in mind.....

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