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Friday, August 05, 2005

Voter Fraud, Voter Intimidation Confirmed Across the Country

Warning: Gun-Toting Liberal like rant coming:

The American Center for Voting Rights released a major, all encompassing report on voter fraud and intimidation in the 2004 election yesterday. It confirms significant voter fraud and voter intimidation, planned and orchestrated from the headquarters of a national party across the country. Ohio, Washington state and Wisconsin were prime areas for ongoing intimidation, including vandalism, and threats to potential voters. All three of these states were closely contested, and the evidence suggests all three would have had very different numbers had the voter intimidation and fraud been stopped.

I've been waiting for the headlines from the Media, for Chris Matthews to scream about the report on Hardball, for Wolf Blitzer to lead his show on the report. AP, UPI, Reuters to put this report all over the net. I've been waiting, and waiting.

And yet, everyone is silent. Dead, stone cold silent.

Terry McAuliffe, Howard Dean and company aren't talking.

Chris Matthews? Too busy trying to turn the nation against the Iraq war.

The political reporters? Too busy talking about how close THE LOSER came in the Ohio special election.


Read through the report before commenting. Then comment away. Tell me where the voter intimidation was. Show me who was committing the voter fraud. , what charges have proven true, and which ones are shown to be orchestrated lies. , Where's someone from the Left to rant about Democrats, now that this report shows the planned deception and the hypocrisy? I want BIG, CAPITAL LETTERS from you.

This report is bi-partisan in every sense of the word. They aren't biased. Don't try to impugn their motivations, or somehow pawn this off as some conservative think tank. They are not.

Can you honestly tell me that if this report said the same things about Republicans that you would STILL NOT HAVE HEARD ABOUT IT!!!!! I don't think so. It would be the only story on every network, the only thing being talked about across the blogosphere.

I can't remember being this mad in a long time. I'm sick of hearing the whining about voter disenfranchisement. Voters were disenfranchised all right. Conservative voters across the country. And the crime was perpetrated by the Democratic National Comittee.

So, comment away. But you'd better have read the report first.

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