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Thursday, August 04, 2005

So, Who's Party is This Guy With?

If you aren't a political junkie, you slept peacefully night before last, blissfully unaware of a special election in Ohio. But, the election did occur, for a vacated House seat. The current Congressman took a job in the Bush Administration, leaving the seat open. Shouldn't have been a big deal. The seat has been solidly Republican for years. The Republican won the race 52% to 48%.

Take a look at the commercial run by one of the candidates. Go ahead. I'll wait...

Back already? My tea hasn't even boiled yet. Maybe you should watch it again..

Okay, now we're both ready. So, who's party do you think the candidate represented? If you said Republican, you'd be....wrong.

Yep, Hackett ran as a Democrat, but you couldn't tell it from the ad. Nowhere does he mention he's a Democrat. Also, nowhere does he mention that he called President Bush an SOB, or that he is a very committed Liberal.

Democrats who run as stealth candidates do a disservice to their party. But it says alot about how far to the right the country has moved when Democrats are forced to run someone like this in hopes of winning elections.

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