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Monday, August 01, 2005

Robert Novak Speaks Out

I think the Left is going to have alot of egg on their collective faces when the grand jury finally releases its information on the whole Valerie Plame fiasco. Bob Novak, who started the whole mess, has this to say at the end of a long defense:
The recent first disclosure of secret grand jury testimony set off a news media feeding frenzy centered on this obscure case. Joseph Wilson was discarded a year ago by the Kerry presidential campaign after the Senate committee reported much of what he said "had no basis in fact." The re-emerged Wilson is now accusing the senators of "smearing" him. I eagerly await the end of this investigation when I may be able to correct other misinformation about me and the case.
The only folks who will not eagerly await the end of the investigation are those on the left who have spent alot of time throwing false accusations around. We'll see.

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