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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Pat Robertson. Sigh

The White House, members of Congress, and other spokesman quickly disavow this stupidity.
In fact, I'll say very firmly that Robertson was foolish to say such silliness.

The media and the left wing bloggers are outraged, ourtraged I tell you! Pat Robertson called for the assassination of the President of Venezeula. See,see! All conservatives are warmongers and hypocrites! And Christians are the worst!

Yet Air America can suggest President Bush be assassinated, and no outrage appears
"Mother Sheehan" can spout her anti-American BS, and be praised for it as a hero.
Michael Moore can become wealthy with his anti-American propaganda, and be made rich.

I'm curious if any of the left wing bloggers have said anything about any of the above. Not likely.

So tell me again, who's the hypocrite here?

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