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Monday, January 17, 2005

Target: Iran

It' s important to remember as the MSM feeding frenzy gets underway on this story who Seymour Hersch is, and the nature of his agenda. Here's a Google search on Mr. Hersch. His agenda has been and continues to be to bring down the Bush Administration, and to promote his Bush bashing book, Chain of Command.

For a long time now, I've been following John Podheretz' s lead in calling the conflict begun on 9/11/01 World War IV. His article in the Fall of 2004 will remain one of the seminal documents on our time. The coming campaign against the theocracy in Iran is the next logical step in winning the war. Despite Mr. Hersch's dire warnings, Donald Rumsfeld is just the man to have in the job right now, as is Peter Schoomaker, Chief of Staff, US Army. His experience in Special Ops has already served the US well in Afghanistan and Iraq, and will continue to serve the war effort in the coming campaign in Iran.

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