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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Christians Need Not Apply in the EU

Thanks to the Oklahomilist for this timely piece. The Christian faith is very clear that Homosexual behavior is wrong. (Sorry, we've been through this before.) Apparently Christians in Europe (yes there are a few) have already reached a place where they must choose either their faith or government laws. Worth remembering that prejudice can work in many different directions.

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  1. Dear Mark:

    A timely piece and good point.. indeed discrimination can go both ways. Extremism is extremism, no matter how ya brand it. As one who has walked in both Christian and Neo Pagan circles, I have seen extremism and hatred and narrowmindedness in both scenarios.
    It is sad, when the "branding of onesself" in any religious, political, ethnic group means that we must slaughter the otherside in order to make our point.

    It is true, that in the Christian mentality that homosexuality is wrong. Now as to if that should be the guiding force in political decision making, that is something else entirely. Not everyone feels the same, thus Politics must speak for the WHOLE.. and represent the myriad thoughts and persuassions of a complex multitude.
    I DO however think, that due to one's personal views on matters, that should NOT exclude him from office, IF he is able to reconcile his personal and religious view with his ability to serve the whole of a nation, or group.
    For example: There were many that did not want John F. Kennedy to become president, because he was Roman Catholic. They thought that his "ties with the Papacy" could become a problem with his ability to lead the country. YET, he was one of the great Presidents of this nation and has yet to be forgotten for all that he did accomplish in his time. His Roman Catholocism did not dictate his policy making or his leadership, other than perhaps his ability to pray before meals and said decision making. :)

    It is, my opinion that the arenas of politics and religion are odd bedfellows. I think to a degree it is a choice that people should make when discerning vocation in life, as to which they will give their whole heart to.
    Martin Luther King, Jr. was a Minister. He did in fact act in the Civil Rights Movement, however, I do not believe that he would have accepted Public Office. His duty, as it were, was to God and mankind.. not government or the administration of it. His involvement in government was to the degree that was necessary to ensure safety and prosperity for those that were in the "less than" category of Society at that time. That would have included not only African Americans, but ANY that were discriminated against.. including homosexuals.

    Jesus himself said.. "You can not serve two masters, one will hate the one and love the other." Also said "A house divided within itself will not stand."

    It is a hallmark of my Spiritual path.. that in giving myself to the Bandroi way, I realize I will never and would never want to also attempt to walk the way of Politics. They are at odds ultimately.. for one is the act of the head, the other is the act of the heart.
    It is the choice that I made, in the oaths of life that I am sworn to.

    Perhaps that is how it is best looked upon, when dealing with things like this topic.
    If one will Spiritually lead.. then let him/her give themselves entirely to that activity and work.
    If one will Politically lead.. then let him/her give themselves entirely to that activity and work.

    My two and a half cents.