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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Inauguration Day

I have seen the error of my ways. I have truly come to understand the horror that is the current Administration, and the need for mourning tomorrow, as my leftist friends have come to see it.

So, I will forgo my plans of laying on the couch, coughing and wheezing, but with a big 'ole smile on my face as I watch what I consider one of our great Presidents take the Oath of Office for the 2nd time. I will not thank God that John Kerry failed in his bid to "report for duty." I will put away my copy of "Unfit for Command" and will not cheer when Mr. and Mrs Bush walk down Pennsylvania Avenue in the grand celebration of freedom that occurs every four years.

Instead, tonight I will take ashes from the fireplace.

Tomorrow, as the President takes the Oath, I will cover myself in them, and then crawl naked through the frozen tundra of The People's Republic of Illinois, in sack cloth and ashes, as my Liberal friends believe proper and fitting.

I will then shrivel up.

And die.

No wait. I'm sorry.

Those last two are what the Left of this country is already doing to themselves.

My bad. :-)

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