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Thursday, January 06, 2005

A Letter From Two Survivors

The writers of this letter were divers off Phi Phi, Thailand;
NIck and Kelly are diving instructors....
Subject: Safe

Hello Everyone,
Sureal is the only word to describe the last 48 hours. Kelly and I made it safely off the island last night. No one should ever have to witness what the survivors have witnesssed. Most divers are ok as they were diving or on the "more protected " side of the island. Most people on holiday are dead. Many families broken apart and searching for their wives, 4 year old children or husbands. I don't understand why Kelly and I were so lucky, this is not right.
Every single person on this island is devasted, The island is complete rubble. I don't really know how to put anything into words, as we have been going non stop, putting or own thoughts out of our mind to reduce emotion.
We are now in the Krabi hospital helping friends any way we can. Most everyone lost every thing they had. Foreigners without passports, money or clothes as it ripped people out of their rooms while sleeping. Thais that lost all they ever worked for.
The island is naturally flat on the inside of the island where everone one lives and we were hit from both the north and the south bays from 2 seperate tsunamis. This is a small community jam packed with people that you see all day, everyday. As you can imagine, we were a family and I have no idea what happened to so many. I suspect I will never know as id'ing bodies will be fruitless. We still don't really know anything, as communication was absolutely nothing ,
Thanks for all your support and love and will speak again soon.
Niko and Kel

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