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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Illinois SB 3186: Gay Protection, or Religious Discrimination?

Despite the claims of the Gay lobby, the jury is most assuredly still out on rather homosexuality is genetic or a lifestyle choice, or environmental or a combination of all of the above. Scott Thomas has an interesting column on the ramifications of this debate.

It is the lack of religious protections that concern me the most. For Christians, Muslims, and Orthodox Jews, homosexuality is seen as a sin. These faiths have the right to believe that, and to practice their faith accordingly. The new laws in Illinois would indeed force a conservative church to hire a gay youth director, pastor, etc, or be threatened with violating the law. It is likely that without these protections, this law will not pass Constitutional muster, but in today's courts, this is not a foregone conclusion. Conservatives, myself included, were asleep at the switch on this one. It may too late now to change this seriously flawed bill without a significant court battle in the near future.

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