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Friday, January 14, 2005

A Health Update

Stepping away from news for a minute. I've found Liberty is the best place to keep folks informed of my ongoing health problems.

Went back to work for a few days, but developed another upper respiratory infection. This brought on some pretty severe asthma attacks. We've upped my meds, including back on the prednisone. Many complications from the prednisone, including stomach distress. A big problem is that the multiple steroids I've been on has reactivated long dormant glaucoma in my right eye. This is being treated with drops, which should keep the pressures under control while I undergo another round of high steroid use.

On a much more positive front: Thanks to Jordan, a great respiratory therapist, we think we have the sleep apnea under control now. This was a major complication, as the sleep apnea would often wake me up in the night, and set off asthma attacks due to my airways already being obstructed. Jordan stayed far past his scheduled time to help me set up a new machine,and resize the mask I was using. I had a good night's sleep last night for the first time in a long time, and that while still on the prednisone. Still coughing, but less sleep deprived.

I still have hope of getting back to work, but the ongoing infections that get to my chest are a problem. Still hanging in there though. The prayers and supprt are greatly appreciated, folks!

1 comment:

  1. Dear Mark:
    We were sorry to hear that you are not feeling too good. :(
    I hope the new course of meds will help.
    Have you tried any homeopathics for the asthma? I'm not sure what the contraindications are with the meds you are taking.. however, I do know that Lavendar is known to help one to cough up the "ickies" from the lungs.. when taken as a tea.
    Tastes not too nice, but does the job. ;)

    Hope you are back in the swing of things soon and feeling good.
    You're in our prayers and thoughts as well.

    Much Love,
    P and K