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Friday, September 03, 2004

The September 10th Candidate.
After a positive, forward looking speech from the President, and four days of reminders of 9/11/01, John Kerry came out at 11 pm CST, and reminded Americans of what was important to him and his campaign:

The progress being made by the Boston Red Sox to capture the pennant.
That Dick Cheney recieved deferrments for Vietnam.
That Republicans at their convention attacked his patriotism.
Bush lied.
And, somewhere, somehow, Haliburton is intricately involved.

Mr. Kerry has officially embraced Michael Moore in this petty performance tonight.
The disconnect between Kerry and the War on Terror was clearly on display.
One more thing.
Mr. Kerry needs to do more focus group testing on the word "unfit" considering the title of the number one book in the country......

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