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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Media Bias: Double Standards
From the Washington Post.
A detailed description of the links between the Democrats and the 527's.
Also, from WLS AM in Chicago this morning.
An abortive exchange between the conservative host Don Wade and Peter Jennings.
Don tried to ask Mr. Jennings about John Kerry, the Swift Boat Vets, and specifically Christmas in Cambodia. Peter Jennings was defensive, and stumbling, giving the media mantra of "all the men who served on the boat support John Kerry" and "the media has found no documentation supporting the allegations."
At one point he even called Senator Kerry "Senator Kennedy."
It was apparent he has not stooped to reading Unfit for Command, or even done more to investigate than read The New York Times.
Mr Jennings was saved by Don's wife, Roma, who hosts the show with him, possibly out of fear that Mr. Jennings would no longer come on the show to hawk his books.
I'm still looking for the transcript of the interview on the website.
I'm not sure Don and Roma understand just how badly today's interview with Mr. Jennings was botched.
Hopefully, the blogosphere can help enlighten them a bit.

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