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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Release Our People. We're On Your Side

Are you really surprised by this?
"We are working on revealing the occupation's violence and acts. Those people (hostages) are believers who work against the occupation," Mayer told Al Jazeera. "So we appeal for their release so they can continue their work on your behalf and on behalf of the Iraqi people." Asked if he was worried about the hostages' lives, Mayer said: "We are worried about the lives of these people. But we know that thousands of Iraqis are held illegally by the U.S. forces in prisons that violate international law and in worse conditions than these four."
Soooo, understanding the terrorists isn't working. Maybe revealing the truth, which is that the "Christian" Peacekeepers are really working for the terrorists might help. Trouble is, they are still Christians, in other words, infidels. That doesn't play well with the Islamo-Fascists. That is, unless they can be convinced the four hostages would serve a better purpose as living useful idiots than dead, beheaded victims.

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